The Facts on EOC or Ethernet over Copper

There are many terms associated with the Ethernet. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

  • Ethernet over fiber
  • Business Ethernet
  • Metro Ethernet and
  • Ethernet over copper.


It would be interesting to delve a little more into Ethernet over copper.


What is Ethernet over copper?

Known also as EOC, Ethernet over copper is a fairly new technology of data packet transmission. It is also known as Ethernet in the first mile and is characterized by:

  • its usage of traditional copper wires also known as POTS or plain ordinary telephone service
  • its ability to deliver symmetrical speeds
  • flexibility of bandwidth
  • being an extremely affordable solution for any business organization.


Does it have limitations?

Ethernet over copper is an extremely affordable solution primarily because it uses traditional copper cables. However, one of the biggest considerations that you will have to pay attention to if you are looking at Ethernet over copper is the distance. The speed of connectivity may reduce over greater distances between your business organization and the Central telecom office.


Speeds and symmetry

Depending on the service provider that you go with, you can enjoy speeds ranging from 3 megabits per second and going on to even 45 megabits per second. Depending on the distance between your business organization or your office and the Central telecom office, you can also enjoy a really flexible amount of bandwidth that can be made available to you.


One of the biggest advantages offered by Ethernet over copper is that it delivers symmetrical speeds. This simply means that the user of this technology gets the same download and upload speeds. This is huge advantage indeed because quite a few other options such as cable and DSL are asymmetrical. Typically, they offer greater download speeds and slower upload speeds.


Continuity of service

Another advantage that you can enjoy with Ethernet over copper solutions is the fact that a service provider can deliver connectivity through the usage of multiple loops. The usage of customer premise equipment means that this connectivity can be installed through multiple pairs of POTS. This adds to redundancy and delivers continuity of service. Therefore, even if one line fails, the other lines will take over the functioning. This is important when an organization is looking at handling business critical operations which will be derailed massively with even a small break in connectivity.


Installation and scalability

Another big reason for the popularity of Ethernet over copper is the fact that it can be installed extremely easily. Since it uses ubiquitous and conventional technology, a business organization can be up and running in no time whatsoever. Once this solution has been installed, a business organization can also enjoy extreme scalability. This simply means that with the growth in business operations, the technology will also be scaled up to take care of higher demands of data connectivity.


Thus, looking at EOC or Ethernet over copper is an extremely practical solution for most business organizations. Its advantages of flexibility, scalability, cost effectiveness, fast installation and easy maintenance make EOC an extremely practical choice for business everywhere.