What does Ethernet over Copper (EoC) entail and offer?

The question of what Ethernet over Copper can offer to a user is an interesting one indeed because it has many aspects. Here is taking a look at some of the important ones.


What is Ethernet over copper?

As the term implies, this technology is deployed by using the conventional twisted telephone copper wire. It is also known as Ethernet in the first mile and is characterized by:

  • Using the same RJ-45 jack connection
  • Being similar to conventional Ethernet cables in the use of the jack connection
  • Differing from conventional Ethernet in the physical layers and
  • Being an internet facing service.


One of the biggest points of difference between Ethernet over copper and conventional Ethernet is the fact that the former uses different physical layers. Ethernet over copper uses 2BASE-TL and 10PASS-TS. A conventional Ethernet would use physical media such as twisted pair and coaxial cable. This simply means that Ethernet over copper or EoC will need a special adapter.


Mode of delivery

EoC is, typically, an internet facing service. This simply means that it is technology that can be connected directly to an internet modem. It can also be delivered through MPLS, VPN and WAN as well. EoC is a data packet transmission technology and delivers the huge advantage of symmetrical data download and upload speeds.


Cost factors

One of the biggest advantages of Ethernet over Copper is that it is pretty cost effective. Since it can be deployed over the normal twisted telephone wires, this technology proves to be great value for money. A business organization can get some amazing connectivity at a pretty affordable price!


Besides cost advantages, EoC also offers:

  • Consistency in connection
  • Better performance levels
  • Lower network overheads and
  • Quick installation.


If you are looking for Ethernet over Copper service providers, there are plenty of big names operating in this space and you simply have to access their websites and take a look at what they can offer. It will also give you an option to compare their offerings and see which one is able to offer you the greatest value for money.  Such is the power of this technology that service providers are also stating they can offer the same as viable solutions to customers seeking T1 and even bonded T1 lines.



Today, businesses put a lot of weight on redundancy. With Ethernet over copper, this factor is taken care of safely! Since it is delivered over multiple pairs of copper, the network will stay intact even if one pair goes down for the count. Simply because a single pair has malfunctioned for some reason, the business owner will not suffer an entire network outage.


Another huge aspect to consider when it comes to Ethernet over copper is the fact that it is a mature and reliable technology. A business owner can upgrade to this solution at any time. Furthermore, he will also be able to enjoy reliable connectivity. Service providers also back it up with a robust SLA or service level agreement which means that any problem will be addressed in a short time and performance levels are guaranteed too.