Ethernet over Copper – main benefits

When it comes to Internet connectivity, Ethernet over copper or EOC is one technology that has plenty of benefits or advantages to offer. Most business organizations choose this technology because it provides them with a lot of benefits such as cost effectiveness and faster installation. Here are some of the main benefits that Ethernet over copper or EoC has to offer.


Standards driven

For a business organization, it is important to obtain certified and “governed” technologies. As far as Ethernet over copper is concerned, it is governed by the standards laid down by MEF or Metro Ethernet forum. Therefore, a business organization can enjoy Ethernet connectivity which is capable of meeting all business class symmetrical speed requirements.


Limitations of other technologies

In comparison with other technologies, EoC can also offer benefits because it is almost ubiquitous in its availability. One study states, for instance, that almost 70% of business organizations in the USA do not have access to fiber connectivity. Therefore, it simply means a longer waiting period to become connected. Whereas, with Ethernet over copper, a business organization can be up and running in no time at all when it comes to Internet connectivity.


Performance levels

In terms of speed of data transmission, availability of network and robustness connectivity, EOC can be measured and counted on par with other technologies such as fiber connectivity. Most service providers are able to deliver extremely robust service level agreements and are capable of looking after multiple services as well. Quality of service or QoS, is many times, on par with or better than other technologies when it comes to Internet connectivity.


Rapid evolution

At one point of time, Ethernet over copper was capable of delivering a mere 2.3 megabits per second per pair. This was in the year 2003! Today, this technology is capable of delivering up to 45 megabits per second and even more. In fact, with the use of cutting-edge technology, EOC service providers are also able to give you 200 megabits per second when you choose to use bonded multiple copper pairs. Many service providers of Ethernet over copper solutions are also capable of giving you advanced support such as:

  • Intelligent diagnostics
  • Robust service level agreements
  • Fabulous customer and technical support and
  • Simpler management of the telecom landscape.


Cost effectiveness

Considering the fact that Ethernet over copper uses the ordinary copper telephone wires, this is an extremely inexpensive technology indeed. It does not ordinarily need too much of sophisticated equipment and new cabling. Most buildings do have the traditional telephone cables and therefore it becomes extremely cost-effective for them to go in for EoC when it comes to Internet connectivity.


There is no doubt that the future, as far as EOC is concerned, is going to become even more evolved and sophisticated. With equipment and technology that is dealing with distance limitations and capable of delivering bandwidth ranging up to 10 gigabits per second, Ethernet is a technology that is capable of catering for the future indeed. With benefits such as high-performance, cost effectiveness and simpler network management, Ethernet over copper has plenty of strengths.