Ethernet Over Copper And Its Many Benefits

When it comes to connectivity between a telecommunications company and a business organization or a telecommunications user, there are plenty of computer network protocols that come into play. One such computer network protocol is known as Ethernet in the first mile. One of the forms of Ethernet in the first mile is known as Ethernet over copper.


EoC or Ethernet over copper is characterized by:

  • Usage of copper wires to provide connectivity between a telecommunications company and client,
  • Ability to be deployed over the same RJ-45 connection that Ethernet cables use,
  • Delivery between 2 megabits per second and 100 megabits per second and
  • Rapidly growing adoption in quite a few parts of the world.


There are plenty of benefits that a user of Ethernet over copper can enjoy and here are some of them.



Considering the fact that Ethernet over copper can be deployed via the conventional twisted telephone cables, it proves to be an extremely affordable technology. Most devices already have this kind of telephone wiring infrastructure and therefore a client really does not have to invest in additional cabling.


Since it is essentially a simple network, the client can indeed enjoy extremely reduced overhead costs as well. When compared to other connectivity or computer network solutions, EoC is extremely low and competitive. Having said this, cost factor must also be take into account that the pricing of such Ethernet connectivity will certainly depend on the distance between the telecom company and the client’s premises.


Rapid expansion

In the recent past, Ethernet over copper has shown a lot of rapid expansion and seems to be gaining a lot of market share when it comes to telecom connectivity. Considering the fact that it is extremely affordable and does not require costly or complicated network and infrastructure, Ethernet over copper is showing a lot of adoption in the world.


Big names in the service providers

When it comes to service providers, there are plenty of big names in the market that are providing extremely reliable EoC connectivity. This simply means that a service organization can choose between various companies and various data plans as well. Flexibility of bandwidth and pricing options are extremely vast because the service providers are willing to customize plans based on a client’s requirements. Once the network has been established, a client can also enjoy great customer and technical support services as well.



Ethernet over copper is also an extremely scalable option. As and when data transmission requirements are higher than normal, a business organization can scale up bandwidth for the period of time that it is needed. This benefit also extends to making the network extremely flexible, easy to maintain and easy to upgrade as well. Considering the fact that this connectivity can take care of all kinds of high bandwidth requirements, small wonder that Ethernet over copper has become a very popular option these days.


There are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed when a business organization chooses Ethernet over copper connectivity. Cost effectiveness, ease of maintenance of the network and support for high bandwidth media are some of them.