Components Of T1 Costs

As far as technology is concerned, there are many aspects and factors that go into its costs. Broadly speaking, some of these aspects are:

  • Location of the subscriber or client
  • Availability of the number of service providers
  • The sophistication of the technology
  • Its ability to perform across various parameters.


So, if one is talking about T1 and the costs of this technology, one must be prepared for the fact that T1 is capable of performing at tremendous levels when compared to most other solutions. This contributes greatly to the costs of T1. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind when talking about T1 costs.


Approximate costs

Depending on your location, a T1 will cost anywhere between $200 and $470 per month for connectivity. When you compare this figure to the average DSL lines which can range between $50 and $250 a month, you can get a pretty good perspective on costs of T1 lines. On the other end of the spectrum, you have T3 lines which can range between $3000 and $12000 per month.


Why pay so much for T1?

Technology is an enabler for various kinds of business applications. Obviously then, a business organization will look for reliable and high-performance technology. For such reliability and performance standards, technologies such as T1 have earned a reputation and niche for themselves.


Some of things that T1 technology supports include:

  • Web servers,
  • Voice over Internet protocol,
  • Virtual Private networks,
  • Integrated voice and data services,
  • Mail servers and many other
  • Advanced applications.


Considering the fact that T1 lines can also be used to place up to 23 telephone lines in addition to Internet connectivity – it should come as no wonder that T1 costs are said to be higher than most other solutions.


Always on availability

T1 lines are also available in almost every possible location. If you were to compare this availability with a DSL line you will know exactly why this availability is important. DSL is not available in all locations. Furthermore, T1 connections are also up and running 24 hours a day. Service providers will guarantee this kind of availability. For a business organization that needs an always available network, this is an extremely important guarantee.


The operations of a business can come to a grinding halt if the network is down. Such downtime will then result in a huge loss of income, market share and customer loyalty as well. It therefore makes a lot of sense for such a business organization to invest in a T1.


Getting multiple quotes

You can certainly compare T1 costs by getting multiple quotes from different service providers. There are plenty of ways and means by which you can get multiple quotes by visiting just one single website. You can then compare the different quotes from broadband providers and then make up your mind as to which cost is the most competitive. It would be an extremely good idea to do a value analysis for the quote and figure out which one is giving you support for a larger number of services that you will need.