What you should consider when it comes to T1 costs

Business connectivity will be influenced by T1 costs since T1 is a popular technology of choice. It is also common knowledge that the costs of T1 connectivity are higher than quite a few other solutions. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to investing in a T1 line for your business.


It supports business

Many leading telecom service providers promise and deliver business critical performance with their T1 lines. This is because a T1, especially a business class T1 service, can deliver:

  • Reliability
  • Integration of voice and data services
  • High speed connectivity
  • Scalability and
  • Top quality technical and customer support.


Dedicated connectivity

T1 connectivity services are dedicated. This simply means that you get a dedicated point-to-point connectivity from the network of your business organization to the central office of the telecom company and then to the Internet service provider. It also gives you a capacity of carrying data at the speed of 1.5 megabits per second.



Another reason why investing in a T1 line is that it’s not just all about cost but about investment. There is also the fact that it gives you plenty of flexibility. For instance you could go in for bonded T1 lines which means you can enhance your data connectivity speeds even more. There are also fractional T1 lines in case your business does not need the phone connectivity or capacity of a conventional T1 access. You could also go in for combinations of voice and T1 connectivity which allows you even more savings on the costs.


Small to big

T1 costs should also be considered in the backdrop of a T1 line being suitable for different types of businesses. For instance, a small or medium business owner who envisions having around 50 Internet users will certainly benefit from having a T1 line. On the other end of the spectrum, large enterprises can also benefit from T1 access because it gives them 24 lines. Therefore, they can mix and match between the right numbers to get the perfect voice and data landscape.


Always on Internet

Reliability of network is a very important aspect of any business organization. T1 costs therefore are completely justified because T1 lines give the business owner an “always on” access to the Internet. Indeed, very few T1 line owners report outage of connectivity. Perhaps one of the reasons why the costs of T1 lines are justifiably high is because service providers back them up with a robust service level agreement or SLA which comes with guarantees on:

  • Performance
  • Repair time
  • Latency and so on.


While there are plenty of connections and services when it comes to Internet connectivity, a T1 line continues to be pretty popular because of its many advantages.


Thus, when you look at T1 costs, it would be good to compare them with the costs of other connectivity options. It is very good to check out the advantages that T1 lines offer every business organization. This will allow a business owner to justify his investment in the right kind of Internet connectivity solution.