Residential T1 – when is it worth it?

There is absolutely no denying the fact that a T1 Internet connection is extremely robust and reliable. It offers plenty of advantages. Some of them are given below:

  • Availability
  • “Always on” Internet access
  • Superior technical and customer support services
  • Performance guarantees and
  • Cost effectiveness.


However, when it comes to residential T1, the issue of cost effectiveness is indeed worth debating. Plain and simeple T1 lines are expensive as compared to other types of internet. For a business organization, this expense is completely justified because it gives the owner huge confidence in the availability of their network services. But, would a home owner also find it justifiable to invest in T1 lines? Here are a few scenarios in which the answer to this question would be “yes”.


Home businesses

Most people opt for a residential T1 connection because they are running businesses from their homes. These businesses will also require reliable network services and access to the Internet as and when needed. In fact, one can go to the extent and say that small businesses have a harder time in establishing credibility. And if they suddenly go off Internet access, then it is likely to put a dent in their credibility. Therefore, home business owners do find it useful to have a T1 connection.


Large number of users

Residential T1 costs can also be justified if there are a large number of users in one home or dwelling unit. This could be because a large number of inhabitants are sharing the space, such as in a paying guest accommodation. It could also be the fact that a person finds it completely justified to invest in the higher expenses of a T1 line for himself.


Professionals working from home

Sometimes, professionals such as doctors and lawyers may also find it necessary to work from home. They would therefore find it completely worthwhile to invest in residential T1 as well. There is no difference in technology when it comes to business T1 and residential T1 lines. Both are the same. For a Doctor who needs to rely on robust Internet access to receive medical images and data rich transmissions, a T1 line is necessary.


Availability of technology

It may also be the case that residential T1 is the only option available in a few areas. Granted, this possibility is rather rare but when one compares the availability of other technologies and robustness of each one of them, it may turn out that a T1 connection is the only viable alternative. Therefore, it does make sense to go in for the same.


Thus, the decision to go in for a residential T1 is simply about cost factors and the logic that it is completely worth it. The high performance guarantees of T1 Internet access definitely do make it a rather popular choice when it comes to Internet options. Therefore, more home owners are likely to turn to this technology in order to enjoy hassle free connectivity to the world at large.