T1 for gaming and video streaming

There are plenty of applications which are “Internet intensive” and require a lot of support from the network in order for the user to have the best experience possible. Two such applications are gaming and video streaming. No online gamer wants to have a patchy experience and worse, Internet connectivity that can fail at any time. Similarly, video streaming needs to be done as quickly as possible so the user can enjoy a fully downloaded movie or a video in no time at all.


A lot of people talk about T1 for gaming and video streaming and here is looking at a few aspects of the same.



Different technologies deliver different kinds of speed. When it comes to T1 for gaming and video streaming you know that you will have an upper limit of 1.5 megabits per second unless you decide to go in for bonded T1 lines. On an average, depending on the intensity of your gaming and video streaming requirements, you will need to take into account that buffering and compression will come into play. Most people state that T1 is pretty adequate when it comes to gaming and video streaming but the most intensive gamers may prefer fiber services.


Service provider

You may also like to pay attention to the capabilities and customer support of a service provider when it comes to T1 for gaming and video streaming. After all, it will be about network availability for you to enjoy the best possible social gaming experience. Most people are quite content with starting a video download and waiting overnight for it to be completed. Most service providers do have flexible data plans so you can enjoy your gaming and video viewing experience.


Fractional, full and bonded T1 connections

A full T1 for gaming and video streaming can cost anywhere around $250 a month or more. Most serious gamers are not too concerned about this cost because all they want is a smooth and seamless experience. You might be better served by looking at what guarantees your service provider can give you in terms of the following:

  • latency times or lags
  • availability of network services
  • ability to fix connection problems should they occur and
  • connectivity to the locations that you desire.


Location factors will play a huge role when you are thinking about T1 for gaming and video streaming. When it is the only technology that is available for you, you can certainly enjoy rather comfortable experience for online gaming and video streaming. Factors such as latency and speed will certainly play a huge role in the same.