T1 Internet and its advantages

During many a debate about IT technologies, people often talk about how Internet access is undergoing a lot of change. Like with almost any other field related to technology, Internet access is subject to:

  • changes in business demands
  • availability of new and better technology
  • advent and adoption of technology such as cloud computing and
  • the need for the network to support heavier and faster data transmission capabilities.


One technology that has stood the test of time is T1 Internet access.  Here are some of the reasons why this is so.


Reliability and consistency

Normally, users of T1 Internet opt for this technology simply because it delivers immense reliability and consistency when it comes to network access. For a business organization whose markets may reach across the country or across customers from all over the world, available network access can become a huge deal.


Dedicated line

Business organizations may also need dedicated Internet access. Even though it may come at a higher cost, it may become extremely important for a business organization to have one line devoted to its needs. Rather than sharing such a connection, a business organization will be benefit by having a T1 Internet connection which offers such “dedication”.


Business or residence?

Normally, because of the higher costs involved, a T1 connection is a popular choice among business organizations. However, thanks to some increase in competition and cost reduction in the Internet service providers’ domain, a T1 line is becoming a popular choice among residences or home owners as well. Considering that it gives you speed, reliability and dedicated circuit, it might prove to be a cost-effective option in the long run.



Depending on factors such as your location and the proximity of a T1 Internet service provider, you can safely look at incurring the cost of anywhere between $190 and $500 per month. However, fractional T1 lines and bonded T1 lines can make a difference to this cost. With a standard T1 line, you will get a data speed of 1.5 megabits per second. Fractional T1 lines can start even at 128 Kbps which simply means lowering in their cost.


A T1 Internet connection often justifies the higher cost because it gives you reliability which can become extremely important for business continuity. Service providers will often backup their T1 services with a very robust SLA or service level agreement which again, can assure you of the availability of network services whenever you need them.