T1 Internet Connection And Its Features

Bandwidth, security, availability of network, cost effectiveness and scalability are just some of the features that become extremely important for any individual who is looking for the best possible Internet connection services. While there are plenty of options such as cable, DSL and even satellite when it comes to Internet connectivity, one technology that is becoming popular extremely quickly for business is T1 internet connection.


What is T1 all about?

There are many ways to distinguish between the options when it comes to Internet connectivity. One method is to talk about the bandwidth or data transmission power that the technology can deliver. When it comes to T1 Internet, the connection is capable of delivering 1.5 megabits per second of data transmission or symmetrical bandwidth.


A T1 connection is also characterized by:

  • Being comprised of 24 channels
  • Each channel has 64 kilobits per second
  • A higher cost then quite a few other Internet connectivity options and
  • Almost unbeatable robustness and availability of network services.


Therefore, more and more businesses and even a few residential complexes are turning to deploying a T1 to connect to the Internet and provide voice services as well.


How has the landscape changed?

While there is no denying the fact that a T1 internet connection is markedly costlier than most other Internet options, the growth of service providers, ISPs and fractional T1 lines have made it possible for a larger number of business owners to avail a T1 connection. There is also the fact that home business owners also need reliable network services and they tend to turn to robust technologies such as T1.


Options and choices

Most service providers when it comes to T1 Internet give their customers choices that encompass:

  • Bonded T1 lines which can deliver a range of data speeds going up to even 12 megabits per second
  • Fractional T1 lines which are extremely cost-effective and are capable of delivering data speeds which are competitive even though they may be lower than the full capacity T1 internet connection
  • Full T1 lines which means a data speed of 1.5 megabits per second.


Along with this, quite a few service providers also talk about help in monitoring the health of the network and providing cyber security measures as well. All of which go a very long way in helping a business organization enjoy a high degree of competitiveness when it comes to Internet connectivity. It therefore makes sense to invest in a robust technology such as T1 to enjoy high network availability and business continuity as well.


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