T1 internet providers for home

Everyday our office receives numerous inquiries for internet options for people’s homes. By the time they reach us, people are at their wit’s end trying to find a quality internet provider. More often than not, these people live in a more rural environment. They’ve called the DSL and cable providers and can’t get service unless they are willing to pay an astronomical build-out cost. Consequently, they turn to the satellite providers like Hughes Net and Wild Blue. They quickly realize that between the latency and limitations on usage, these solutions aren’t much better than dial-up.

Not to worry, we have the solution for you! TelcoSolutions has implemented hundreds of residential T1 internet services. The advantages are numerous, two of which are:

1. Availability – T1 internet service is available almost anywhere. Thus, you are not hampered by the same restraints as cable and DSL

2. Reliability – T1 internet for home use offers a stable internet connection with a service level guarantee on uptime, latency, jitter, and packet loss

By no means am I suggesting that T1 internet service should be a replacement for your cable modem if you use the internet for gaming and video streaming. Albeit more expensive than some of the aforementioned solutions, T1 internet for home certainly has its place for someone who is working from home and uses VoIP or connects to their office through a VPN connection.. By allowing residential users to have a reliable internet connection that is available throughout the country, T1 internet service will remain a viable internet option for many years to come.