T1 Internet services – How to Choose the best solution

For a business owner, it is really all about doing everything possible to:

  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Explore and capitalize on new markets
  • Use cutting-edge technology to ensure business continuity and
  • Strike a balance between costs and revenues.


Probably the biggest game changer in this scenario can be the right kind of technology. And here is where T1 Internet services can play a huge role. It is therefore critical for the business organization to make the right decision when it comes to Internet services.



Most T1 Internet service providers have some extremely detailed websites and therefore it is a very good idea to go through them as diligently as possible. Comparing and contrasting the features offered by various service providers will give you a great idea on:

  • Time taken for installation
  • Customer and technical support
  • Assurance of reliable services
  • Cost savings and
  • Service level agreements or SLA as well.


When you study these specific features, you will get a pretty good idea about which organization or service provider is the right choice.


Why choose T1 Internet?

By itself, this technology has a lot to offer and some of them are advantages that can go a long way for any business owner. For instance, a robust SLA simply means that the network is available and this translates directly into business continuity. Other advantages that you, as a business owner, can enjoy are:

  • Aggregated or converged telecom services on one dedicated circuit
  • More secure data transmission systems
  • Scalability and flexibility which will ensure bandwidth on demand and
  • Better utility of service in the long run.


There is no denying that a T1 service may cost more than most other Internet connectivity services. However, it justifies this higher cost as well. So, it is really a question about balancing the cost versus benefits and then making a decision as to the right service provider.


Flexibility of options

Most T1 Internet service providers will also offer you a pretty wide portfolio of services. This could include the basic options namely – voice only services or data only services or a combination of both. Considering that a T1 Internet connection is capable of transmitting at 1.54 megabits per second, it really is a question of choosing what kind of combination of voice and data you need from it. In case you need more options, you can also ask a service provider whether he is willing to give you bonded T1 Internet services. This can see the speed increasing even up to 12 megabits per second.



It is an extremely good idea to ask your service provider to detail all the costs upfront. Thus, the final price may include a fixed cost per month, technical service, inclusion of static IPs, monitoring of the network, free installations and so on. A lot will depend on the kind of T1 Internet connectivity plan that you go in for and the capability of the service provider to give you value added services as well.


Thus, choosing the right T1 service provider can indeed go a very long way in helping a business organization enjoy continuity and the best of cutting-edge technology in order to ensure better business growth.