T1 Internet

Ask any business owner and he is likely to state that quality, cost and efficiency are keystones for almost every decision that he takes. These considerations definitely apply for telecom decisions as well. While there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to Internet connectivity, T1 scores quite highly across the aforementioned features. Here are 5 reasons why your business organization should be adopting and benefiting from T1 Internet.

The quality levels promised and delivered by T1 Internet service providers is one of the biggest reasons why this is a popular option all over the world. Quality of service obviously takes into account many aspects such as:
• Symmetrical bandwidth
• Network availability
• Performance guarantees and
• Dedicated Internet access as well.

Service level agreements
As an offshoot of guarantees of quality, comes the all-important service level agreement or SLA. T1 Internet service providers will be able to give you a service level agreement that allows you to rely on network services and more importantly enjoy up-to-date as well. If and when there are many disruptions network the service provider will also ensure that repair work and restoration is done within a particular time frame. All of which becomes important for business continuity.

Support for critical applications
Business organizations rely on a large list of applications on an everyday basis. T1 Internet can provide the much-needed support for such mission-critical applications. For most business organizations, it is not merely browsing the web and checking email.

It therefore becomes important to have T1 for more sophisticated business applications including:
• Video conferences
• Streaming video
• Uploading and sharing large files and multiple types of data
• Connecting employees all over the world and so on.

T1 lines can be used for multiple purposes. In fact, it is this versatility that makes it an extremely popular option for connectivity. Simply put, T1 is a digital service which allows you to enjoy data transmission speeds of 1.544 megabits per second. Further, T1 consists of 24 channels which can all be used for extremely high-speed Internet services. You can also choose to use a single T1 line to integrate 23 telephone lines and one data line. Obviously, the choice and permutations and combinations will depend on what your business wants to do as far as Internet connectivity goes. Integration of voice and data services is one of the reasons why T1 is extremely popular for its flexibility.

Industrial applications
There is no denying the fact that T1 can be a more expensive option when compared to so many other services. However, its costs are completely justified because of its many advantages. One such advantage is the fact that it can be deployed over different types of industries and sectors. Whether it is a call center or hospital, T1 can certainly boost operations. The reliability of service makes it a technology that is deployed in financial institutions, academic bodies, insurance companies, law offices and so on.

It is also interesting to note that telecom companies have reduced the prices of T1 and made them even more competitive. Doing a cost benefit analysis will give you a very good idea as to why you should be using this solution.