What does a T1 line cost?

Looking at the telecom landscape in the recent past, you would realize that it is characterized by a few important things. Some of these aspects are:

  • Increased sophistication & capabilities
  • New technologies that are allowing people and businesses to communicate with almost anybody in any part of the world
  • Faster data transmission speeds
  • Greater levels of security
  • Cost effectiveness.


With cost effectiveness, it really does boil down to how much value you are getting with your choice of service. For instance, if you look at T1 line cost, as a standalone component then it might prove to be slightly expensive. This is especially relevant when you compare the prices of a T1 Internet line with other options such as cable and DSL.


Why does T1 line cost so much?

As mentioned earlier, it really is about value for your money. Yes, if you compare it with quite a few other options you might feel that a T1 line costs way more but in return you are receiving advantages and strengths that other services may not have. So, if your business organization or personal requirements need robust internet connectivity and always available network, then you may not have much of option other than to get a T1 line.


What are T1’s strengths?

One of the reasons why the T1 line cost is so high is because it offers you certain specific advantages such as the following:

  • Guarantees on bandwidth
  • A high level of availability of network
  • Symmetric upload and download speeds
  • Flexibility because you can combine voice and data services
  • Data transmission speed of 1.544 megabits per second.


Why is T1 useful for a business?

Typically, a business organization will have large numbers of computers spread all over the country and even international locations. These computers will have to be connected in a robust network. This is where the price that you are paying as T1 line cost can really be worth it. Considering that a single T1 line can support 24 users, it makes for extremely uniform data transmission speeds.


T1 line cost can also be justified because it:

  • supports advanced applications such as web servers
  • is a cost-effective option and reduces the number of telephone lines that you need
  • guarantees availability through the year, every single day and
  • is available almost anywhere unlike quite a few other service options.


How does it compare?

Reviewing the costs that you may pay for other options such as DSL, T3 and so on a T1 line can cost you anywhere between $180 to $450 every month. Of course, there will be slight variations in this range depending on the service provider that you choose and your location as well. Typically, a DSL line’s upper limit may lie around $200 per month. Of course, a T3 line can even start as high as $3000 per month.


The cost that you are incurring because of your T1 investment should really be weighed against the benefits that you enjoyed because of this telecom solution.