The Top 5 Benefits Of T1 Internet

Agonizing over decisions is something that every business owner does. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small business, the owner must weigh decisions across considerations such as:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • The product’s ability to support current and future requirements
  • User-friendliness and
  • Service support.

All these considerations and more should go into deciding whether T1 internet is the right fit for your business organization. You could also take into account the many benefits that it has to offer.

Cost effectiveness

Now, this is, indubitably, a balancing act. T1 internet is a costly option, especially when you draw a direct comparison between T1 Internet and other options such as DSL, cable and so on. However, it would be more useful to find out about the kind of benefits that T1 Internet connectivity has to offer. This will give you a more realistic comparison of costs and benefits.

Fabulous data transmission

If you were to take a standard telephone line and install the same in your business organization then you will get to enjoy a data transmission speed of 30,000 bits per second when you connect with a dial-up modem. In contrast, a T1 line can transmit data at a rate of 1.54 megabits per second. This fabulous data transmission speed simply means that you can enjoy faster connectivity to the world outside. High-speed Internet access is something that a business organization using T1 Internet can rely on.


T1 Internet service providers also offer reliable support and uptime. Service level agreements or SLAs is something that you can compare across different service providers and check out which one fits the bill. For instance, T1 service providers may guarantee 100% uptime.

Of course, there may be an extra cost to pay for such reliability and uptime. But depending on your business requirements, such an investment will be completely worth it. Service providers will also ensure that they deliver:

  • Guarantee on latency,
  • A guarantee on repair work, if the service were to fail and
  • Performance guarantees as far as the network and connectivity is concerned.

Support for mission-critical applications

T1 Internet connectivity is also a dedicated connection. This simply means that you will get to enjoy connectivity that is solely devoted to your business organization. This can increase the security and reliability of such a connection. More importantly, it means that you can enjoy ‘always on’ support for the various kinds of business applications that you deal with. After all, any disruption in business services can cost a lot in today’s highly competitive world.


T1 Internet consists of 24 channels. These channels can be divided between voice and data transmission. Service providers will also give you options of bonded T1 connectivity. Such bonded solutions mean that you can enjoy greater speeds as and when you need it. Where a single T1 line will give you 1.5 megabits per second, two bonded T1 lines will deliver 3 Mb per second. So if your business organization needs this kind of data transmission speeds, then all you need to do is to go in for bonded T1 connections.