Fax Machines are dead, not so fast!

When was the last time you used a fax machine?  No, it doesn’t count if you used the scanner or copier element of  multi-purpose unit.  In today’s digital world email and scanning have put the fax machine on the back-burner of technology.  Not 10 years ago I would get out of my seat at least 30 times a day to go to the fax machine to send and/or receive files.  Nowadays, we can all convert files on our computers to a digital image (note I didn’t clarify the type of file) and send them via email, while also receiving the same type of files back.  The issue is that there hasn’t been a consistent standard that all users have adapted.  Consequently, some people will use pdf’s while others use tif files.  The problem is that you need to download multiple programs for your computer to be able to display the scan.

It is because of this issue as well as a general lack of trust in electronic communication that the Japanese still utilize faxes as the primary means of communication.  In fact the majority of homes have a fax machine in them.  Businesses will send correspondence via a fax in lieu of email or mail.  They feel that email is still to dangerous to send critical banking information as well as a simple electricity bill.  The following article goes more in depth with the Japanese’s dependence on fax machines.


So while the rest of the world continues to demand faster communication, the Japanese are more than content using an old reliable method due to safety concerns.  Not to fear, if you are one of those people that just can’t let go of your old fax machine, we hear at TelcoSolutions are still hear to help you with your traditional analog/POTS lines needs.