SD-WAN (Software Defined- Wide area Network) is a revolutionary new solution that small and large business can now take advantage of for multi-location environments as well as single location businesses.

Why is this a game changer? This technology lets a business owner of any size improve connectivity, reduce WAN costs of MPLS networks, and build resilient redundant networks which were out of reach previously.

SD-WAN can be achieved in many ways and we partner with the top carriers. Some providers can enable SD-WAN regardless of your existing Internet provider!!!

Before SD-WAN, achieving failover with multiple connections from multiple providers or creating a fully meshed network, required dedicated equipment and engineering from various providers and dedicated managed services billed as a monthly fee. “Fault Tolerance” – “Load Balancing” was once out of reach for many businesses. Those solutions with expensive hardware complex protocols such as BGP were challenging even for the enterprise businesses. But now, thanks to SDN and SD-WAN, this complex solution has now been empowered via software solutions. SDN moves network controls to a protected cloud using software to replace the need of once needed hardware.

If you have a legacy MPLS network, you must consider how SD-WAN can help you save thousands of dollars each month. There is still a place for MPLS, but why spend more than you have to now that SD-WAN offers the same solution with multiple additional features such as redundancy and internet aggregation.

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