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Are you sure you’re getting the best price from your telco internet solutions provider? If not, you’ve come to the right place. At TelcoSolutions, we like to consider ourselves as the most innovative internet solutions provider available. Think of us as your conduit to all the major telco internet carriers. We take the time to understand your needs and then recommend the best hosted solutions for telco at the best price.

We offer a myriad of hosted solutions for telco: from T1 services to Ethernet. Get your FREE QUOTE and let the top telco solution company connect you with your next internet provider!

We work with the top telecom carriers

To provide you with these exceptional services


t1 Services

T1 connections  are available in 3 different options, data only, voice only, or an integrated voice and data T1  option.

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Need a fast Internet connection without the high price? We’ve got what you need, at the right price.

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Hosted VoIP

Integrate your voice and data services and save money with a bundled solution

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ISDN PRI is a standard all digital access technology that allows for simultaneous, integrated voice and data capabilities.

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Cloud Services

Storing you’re your critical data in the cloud gives you peace of mind that your information will always be available and secure.

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Data Center

Multiple options that allow for safe, secure, and scalable solutions for your physical network requirements.

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Cable internet offers one of the best values per Meg available.

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Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the next generation of multi-location interoffice networking.

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Business Phone Service

Let us provide you a free quote on phone service, a phone system, and an Internet package.

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