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Join our many successful partners and earn industry-leading commissions through our Partner Referral Program.

Join a Partnership Program Designed for Managed Services Providers and IT Companies

Join our many successful partners and earn industry-leading commissions through our Partner Referral Program.

Since 2004, TelcoSolutions has worked with IT companies and Managed Services Providers, enabling them to offer their clients the best voice and data solutions while earning competitive commissions and upfront bonuses in the process.  We work with over 180 providers to ensure that your clients have access to the correct solution for their unique situation.

How our MSP Partner Program works

Introducing your clients to us is simple, easy and rewarding, and you can be confident that we’ll offer the same quality level of analysis and best-practice solutions that we give to all of our direct customers.

There’s no long-term contract or commitment, and our quotas are minimal. Just two deals per calendar year is enough to make sure you retain all the benefits of the partnership. If you need support to get started, we can help. Our customized partnerships offer varying levels of support, depending on your needs, that allow you to start earning commissions right away. TelcoSolutions can manage everything from engaging on the initial sale, project management and ongoing consultancy throughout the lifecycle of the account.

How you can benefit by adding voice and data to your MSP proposition?

Being a Partner allows you to earn passive income, turning a client relationship into a whole new revenue stream for your business. Here’s a few of the reasons our Partners are so happy with the Program:

  • Flexible arrangement with no long-term commitment
  • Guaranteed lowest market rates regardless of where customers are located or which products and services they’re looking for
  • Access to over 75 years of combined experience, with more product knowledge, carrier relationships and market understanding than any other retail source
  • Regular monthly commissions (15th of each calendar month) with first payments often starting within 45 days of paperwork completion.

Let us help you close your IT, telephony and hardware deals with our creative carrier solutions; become one of our many happy partners and offer your customers the best value carrier services around. To find out more, please contact:

Partner Testimonials


As a longtime Vendor Partner to Erin Conrad and TelcoSolutions, I can always rely on Erin being professional, detail-oriented, accurate, and timely with the way he conducts business and represents his client’s needs.  Not only does this validate value and assurance with his clients, it ensures proper expectations and a pleasant experience for all parties involved with a specific solution that is being provided.

Sean Mitchell, Senior Partner Consultant, MegaPath


NUsource Technology Group

We've been working with Telco Solutions for the last 5 years and we couldn't be happier with the team. There is no job size limitation with them, from a small T1 circuit to a 600+ POTS lines upgrade, we've always received the professionalism and responsiveness needed to move forward. I totally recommend them, and look forward to work on more projects together.

Juan Pablo Bustos, Partner, NUsource Technology Group



I’ve worked with TelcoSolutions from the beginning.  Throughout this experience, they have demonstrated a tenacity and unrelenting desire to help their customers receive the best value and customer service available. Regardless of the size of the client, they always have put forth the maximum effort in engaging with the client to find out what the best telecom solution is and getting implemented for them in a timely manner.

Nick DuPree, Senior Channel Manager, Nextiva


OneStop Communications

As a telecommunications broker, I have many choices with whom I can place my business.  The team at TelcoSolutions is undoubtedly one of my first calls.  They take the time to listen to what my customer needs and make great recommendations.  Once the solution has been implemented, they have maintained an impeccable record of paying on time for the last 13 years!

Teddy Mathis, President, OneStop Communications

OneStop Communications

Meridian Star POS

It would be an understatement to say that over the years I’ve happily dealt with TelcoSolutions on many occasions by referring the business of my customers. The simple reason being is that the TelcoSolutions team have made me shine in the eyes of my customers by protecting their wallets. In a similar light to my POS business (where several Food vendors & competitors actually refer their high end restaurant customers to me inlieu of being actually able to  provide low end POS solutions), I have many times observed  overpriced telephony competitors  discreetly take advantage of  TelcoSolutions’ strong ability in providing strong cost savings to  save their sale! In my eyes that’s quite impressive and a badge of honor. Highly recommend them!

Bob Brainard, Senior Account Manager, Meridian Star POS

Meridian Star

Southeastern Voice & Data Solutions of Florida

TelcoSolutions has been a consummate partner in all things carrier related from T-1s to fiber to cable to Hosted VoIP and really helped expand our business opportunities. We never realized the revenue available in this area until they shared their considerable expertise.

Thomas Tobin, Vice President, Southeastern Voice & Data Solutions of Florida


Emerald Data Networks, Inc.

We at Emerald have worked with Erin Conrad and TelcoSolutions for many years now.  Erin is highly responsive, very knowledgeable and always willing to lend a hand.  We will continue to use TelcoSolutions and recommend them to anyone looking for their services.

Darrell Rodgers, President, Emerald Data Networks, Inc.

Emerald Data Networks

Pure Technology, Inc

We’ve been working with TelcoSolutions since the early 2000’s for all our telephone and internet service needs.  When one of our customers need services, we trust TelcoSolutions to provide not only the best price, but the best value as well.  Our team is confident when working with TelcoSolutions that they have the expertise and persistence to make sure our order is placed correctly and installed in a timely manner.  We appreciate the way TelcoSolutions does business and we are happy to be a partner!

Scott McClannahan, President, Pure Technology, Inc

Pure Technology

CT Solutions

TelcoSolutions has been a great technology partner for CT Solutions.  I have worked with TelcoSolutions for several years and they are always responsive to quote requests and anything we need.  Even with one off opportunities, Telco does a great job of sourcing a vendor.

Barclay Gaston, Senior Sales Manager, CT Solutions

CT Solutions

Premier Telecom Group

I have worked as an agent with TelcoSolutions for over 13 years. With the resources they provide me, I can easily sell any carrier at any time. In addition, Telco has always been honest and forthcoming on all commissions and they have an open book policy on all carriers’ commissions.

Being able to secure my income with a stable master agent is very important these days especially when many masters agencies have taken a hit. TelcoSolutions continues to thrive. I look forward to my prosperous relationship with them moving forward!

David Sweet, Manager, Premier Telecom Group

Premier Telecom

Selective Solutions

We have partnered with TelcoSolutions for over 15 years. That partnership has been invaluable to us. In a rapidly changing ISP environment. They are always up to date with what is going on in the industry and can provide us with the information we need to make the best long-term decisions for our customers.

Ken Holmes, President, Selective Solutions

Selective Solutions

Firefly Telecommunications

My company has worked with TelcoSolutions for over a decade. Their comprehensive knowledge of telecom services has always been an asset to making sure our customers get the solutions they need.

Peter Ristuccia, President, Firefly Telecommunications

Firefly Telecommunications


I have worked with TelcoSolutions for more than a decade. They provide informative solutions which results in monetary savings and better suitable products for clients. I always find them up in their game, with a good satisfying customer service experience.

Marc Master, Managing Partner, A//BACS

Telecom Consulting Group

The team at Telcosolutions kick some serious ass and take names. They're a high-volume agency who do it the right way for their agents and customers. They're true telecom pros who can quickly identify the right carrier solution and implement the right solution.

Dan Pirigyi, Partner, Telecom Consulting Group


Call Global Solutions

I have been working with Telco Solutions for over 12 years.  They have never backed away from their commitment to providing the best solution at the best value.  Their service and industry knowledge is top tier and they have never let me or any of my customers down.

Ben Greene, President, Call Global Solutions

Call Global Solutions

Why People Choose Us

With over 75 years of combined experience, the TelcoSolutions team has a wealth of knowledge in the telecom sector. We have seen drastic changes occur throughout this time, and have made it our priority to stay ahead of the curve to be able to offer our clients the right solutions at the best prices. We are able to do this by leveraging the 180 providers in our portfolio to find the correct solution for our individual clients. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Through our dedicated account management team, we ensure that the installation, on-boarding, billing, and customer service are all accounted for and run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our experienced professionals and desire to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction are what set us apart from our competitors.

Service Area

While initially focused on the United States, TelcoSolutions has expanded to being able to offer solutions around the world. Our relationships with 180 providers allows us unprecedented access to offer voice, data and cloud solutions globally.

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