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Hosted VOIP PBX Phone Service

Are you spending too much money maintaining landlines in your office? Investing in a hosted VOIP PBX phone service solution is an excellent way to reduce costs and optimize employee communications. With our cost-efficient high-end phone solutions, both small and large companies can streamline and scale communications, save money on maintenance, and take advantage of convenience features.

What is Hosted VOIP PBX?

In the past, most companies relied on landlines and on-site private branch exchanges (PBX) for their phone communications. Today, hosted voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) systems are practical alternatives to improve office communications.

Using these tools, you can connect and maintain your phonelines to the internet – establishing a single, convenient “business line” for your entire workforce.

Our hosted cloud-based PBX systems allow you to cut down on expensive hardware and labor costs. Thanks to the cloud-hosted VOIP tech, your employees don’t have to be in the office to use their office numbers. 

TelcoSolutions matches business with VoIP and other UCaaS Solutions. VoIP best runs over very fast and reliable internet. You may want to look at business fiber internet or cable internet to have the best compatible internet for your VoIP solution

How Do Our Hosted PBX Systems Work?

Setting up a hosted VOIP PBX phone service isn’t as complicated as it may seem. These systems are easy to install and only require a few digital components on your end. 

First, we will connect your devices to a hosted PBX server in our secure data centers. Next, we send digital information to your router and private Wi-Fi network, allowing you to receive phone calls on your computers, mobile devices, and desktop VOIP phones.

Our hosted VOIP PBX phone services use your internet connection to deliver fast phone data and protect you from technical problems that may slow down your daily communications. We can scale your telephone infrastructure so you only pay for what you use. 

Why Use Hosted VOIP PBX from TelcoSolutions?

 Switching to a TelcoSolutions-hosted VOIP PBX phone service has several advantages. We can streamline your day-to-day communications with excellent tech support and 24/7 monitoring. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience maintaining these systems.

1) Save Money on Upkeep

Hosting an on-premises landline can be expensive. Typically, companies must pay for a telecom manager to monitor and maintain these systems throughout the day. Salaries, repairs, and setup demands cost much more upfront than hosted PBX alternatives.

Because you don’t have to maintain an in-office landline for every employee, performing upgrades and maintenance is easy, and we can easily add more lines as you scale your business.

Let us manage all the hard work of maintenance and upgrades for you. We downsize your on-site technical support needs and eliminate the extra costs of maintaining traditional phone lines.

2) Support a Large Workforce

Our hosted PBX solutions help you support the communication needs of a large workforce. When you grow your business, using our hosted VOIPPBX phone service means you don’t need to worry about installing landlines for every new employee.

Hosted PBX phone services forward calls to any device, so a reliable internet connection is all you need to keep the wheels of your business turning.

3) Choose Customizable Phone Features

Unlike traditional on-site PBX systems, our cloud-based alternatives make it much easier to update your communication infrastructure in a pinch. You can contact us anytime you need to make changes to:

  • Call forwarding options
  • Conference Line Connections
  • Displays for phone numbers
  • Voicemail to SMS capability
  • And much more

Don’t waste time and money waiting for conventional telecom providers to respond to your requests. At TelcoSolutions, we act quickly to ensure the best performance from your phone lines.

Enterprise-Grade VOIP PBX Solutions

Some customers invest in our hosted VOIP PBX phone services to avoid surprise mishaps during the day. Emergency weather, fires, and other disasters can destroy on-site communication hardware. Our cloud-based PBX services protect your critical systems, keeping your company on track.

You also won’t need to worry about sudden blackouts on our end. Our data centers have built-in redundancies to redirect your phone lines to different servers if we experience power disruptions or technical problems.

On-premises landlines are becoming less practical as most industries shift toward digital operations. Some analysts predict that the market for hosted VOIP PBX phone services will increase to $55 billion by 2025.

The larger your company grows, the more challenging it willbe to keep tabs on your on-site landline. Stay at the cutting edge of communications technology, and let us switch you over to cloud-hosted VOIP PBX as soon as possible.

Streamline Your Communications withTelcoSolutions

Are you ready to upgrade your on-site telephone system with digital, cost-saving alternatives? At TelcoSolutions, we help you find the right products for your unified communication system. Our team can assess your operations and existing telephone architecture to determine which option suits your budget.

Expect outstanding service when partnering with our team, so you can stop dealing with phone issues and focus on your day-to-day business operations.

Request a quote for hosted VOIP PBX phone services from TelcoSolutions at 800-546-9810.

FAQs About Hosted VOIP PBX Services

What’s the Difference Between Traditional PBX and Hosted PBX?

Traditional private branch exchanges (also called analog PBX) use physical cables and on-site software to direct, connect, and manage phone calls. These landlines connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network.

Hosted PBX uses VOIP technology to connect calls via the internet. Hosted PBX systems offer easy setup, lower maintenance, more scalability, and fast, reliable speeds.

What Happens if the VOIP Internet Goes Down?

Your VOIP phones will still work if the internet goes down. Our hosted data centers have several fail safes to prevent blackouts and disruptions. TelcoSolutions will keep you updated with any information that may impact the performance of your communication systems.

Does a Hosted VOIP Server Need a Firewall?

You can implement a firewall for your hosted VOIP PBX phone services for greater protection against cyber threats. TelcoSolutions can discuss these options and more during your initial consultation. Depending on the size of your business and operations, more extensive digital safeguards may also be necessary.

Can I Call a VOIP with a Regular Cell Phone?

Yes, you can call any VOIP phone number with a regular phone, or vice versa. VOIP is simply the technology that makes the call by converting analog audio into digital signals.

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