Ethernet over fiber can extend services

While looking for Internet connectivity and network solutions, most business organizations will look for:

  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Cost effectiveness and
  • Reliability


One of the solutions that fits all the above criteria is Ethernet over fiber.


Big names

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Ethernet over fiber is a viable and robust option today is because there are some well-established and reputable names in the business. Such communications companies are able to deliver:

  • high-speed Internet access
  • solutions which are future proof
  • robust service and customer support and
  • the ability to keep pace with the growth of any business organization.



Another aspect of Ethernet over fiber is the fact that it is capable of covering longer distances. This is an important facet to consider because business organizations may want to cover their various branch locations. Ethernet over fiber has been proven to be effective even at a distance of around 62 miles or hundred kilometers. This means that any business organization or academic institution can comfortably connect two separate offices or buildings within this distance.


Extension of service

Ethernet over fiber can also be extended comfortably thanks to the availability of demarcation and application devices. Such devices go a very long way in enabling service providers to deliver better SLAs or service level agreements. Aspects such as performance monitoring also becomes easier with such devices.


Reliability and security

Ethernet over fiber is also known to be a secure and reliable solution. One of the reasons why this is so is because fiber is devoid of an electromagnetic field. In normal circumstances, an electromagnetic field will make any solution capable of being read remotely. But since Ethernet over fiber lacks this electromagnetic field, it makes for a very secure solution indeed. The reliability is further enhanced because Ethernet over fiber also enjoys electrical isolation.



Many service providers have invested in cutting-edge facilities and technologies that allow service providers to give their customers some immense speeds. For instance, by investing in Ethernet over fiber, a service provider can:

  • give customers flexibility when it comes to bandwidth demand
  • tap into scalable resources
  • ensure that its customer always gets the best in class technical support as well.


All of which goes to make Ethernet over fiber an extremely strong solution when it comes to connectivity.


Range of customers

Ethernet over fiber is a pretty ubiquitous solution. It can be deployed with great effect by businesses and organizations as diverse as:

  • schools
  • hospitals
  • educational institutions and research centers
  • businesses of various kinds and
  • commercial establishments of various sizes as well.


Ethernet over fiber is one of the most practical solutions when an organization or institution is looking for large bandwidth and linking multiple locations. Depending on the service provider chosen, such a business organization or institution can enjoy better performance monitoring and high bandwidth connectivity. The ability to enjoy flexible performance, costs and bandwidth makes Ethernet over fiber an extremely popular choice indeed.


Thus, when it comes to connectivity solutions, Ethernet over fiber has indeed attracted some of the biggest brand names in the communications landscape.