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Windstream phone service and what it can offer you

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When it comes to telephone services, Windstream phone service surely ranks among the top because of its many benefits. Whether it is for individual use or for business organization, this company has a lot to offer. Some of its products are:

  • high-speed Internet
  • Digital television
  • Home phone and
  • top-quality support services as well.

 When it comes to business phone services, Windstream has indeed got a lot to offer and here are a few aspects that you can look into.  

Business phone services

Every business organization needs reliable telephone services. These services need to be cost-effective as well. Here’s where Windstream can play an important role. Some of the things that go into the making of business phone services from Windstream are:

  • 24 x 7 support
  • Enterprise class long distance and local phone services
  • Almost 100% reliability on all phone calls
  • Extra features such as caller ID, hunt group and so on and
  • Cost effectiveness on all services as well.


While there are plenty of products that go into the making of Windstream phone service, some of the main ones are:

  • Scalable Private Branch exchange or PBX connections
  • Digital communication services via PRI-ISDN or Primary Rate Interface-Integrated Services Digital Network
  • Channelized T1 facility which means that you get 24 channels to take care of your data and voice transmissions and
  • DID or direct inward dialing trunk lines.

A business organization can therefore choose the right combination of products to populate its communications landscape. Depending entirely on the volume of voice transmissions that would be required, a business owner can certainly choose from the portfolio of Windstream phone services.  

Long-distance calls

This can be a huge cost center if a business organization does not pay diligent attention to the same. With Windstream phone services however, a business can enjoy long distance service features that encompass:

  • Competitively priced services to more than 200 countries
  • flat monthly fees which allow a business owner to enjoy a set amount of time every month
  • Security of access
  • detailed billing and
  • toll-free service coverage.

 Again, depending on the kind of calls that a business organization or owner expects to make, the right kind of plan can be chosen. It is also interesting to note that Windstream offers dedicated services if a business organization envisages high call volumes.  

Awards and recognitions

One of the reasons why Windstream phone service is quite a popular option among business owners is the fact that it has won plenty of awards and recognitions. Some of them are:

  • being named to Fortune 500 for the year 2013
  • Best practices award from Frost and Sullivan
  • Gold Certification from Cisco and
  • Being compliant with Avaya DevConnect.

As it simply means that a business organization can enjoy a great deal of confidence in the products and services offered by Windstream. When it is a question of delivering consistent performance and having a reliable and available communications network, a business owner needs to look very carefully at all the possible solutions and certainly Windstream phone service fits the bill quite comprehensively.

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