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More Effective Telephony With PRI

When it comes to services that are essential to business organization, telecom solutions must rank at the top of the list. A solid and reliable telecom backbone gives the business organization advantages such as:

  • Fast Internet access,
  • Ability to communicate with people all over the world,
  • Support for a mobile workforce and
  • Cost effectiveness as well.

When it comes to telephony requirements, a business organization can certainly delve deeper into the technology known as PRI or primary rate interface.

What is primary rate interface?

As the term denotes, this is a telecommunications interface standard which is deployed for conveying data and voice transmissions on an ISDN or integrated services digital network. It is characterized by aspects such as:

  • Differing number of channels in specific countries,
  • Application in large companies and
  • Enabling conventional telephone lines to transmit various kinds of traffic including video, voice and data.

Its infrastructure

Typically, a PRI line is made up of two pairs of copper lines that connect to premises of the telecom service provider and the business organization or customer. It is also interesting to note that a PRI lines come in two basic forms – T1 and E1.

What are T1 and E1?

E1 is a form of PRI line which is more common in Europe. Whereas, T1 is more common in the United States. T1 lines, consist of two pairs of copper lines and can carry up to 24 channels. E1 also consists of two pairs of copper lines and can carry 30 channels. A business organization can decide the use of these channels depending on the kind of business applications it needs support for.

Can small business organizations use it?

Indeed, primary rate interface is a technology or voice service that can also be a very effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Considering the fact that PRI has support for 23 channels and simultaneous communications, a growing business can indeed enjoy advantages such as scalability and cost effectiveness. Telecom service providers also guarantee a high level of availability and performance and therefore even a small and medium business owner can enjoy reliable telecom solutions.

Cost effectiveness

This advantage boils down to a simple number. If a business organization were to deploy 30 separate telephone lines, it would be incurring quite a significant cost in terms of installation and maintenance of the same. Operating expenses are also likely to be pretty high.

In contrast, if the business organization were to deploy just a single PRI line, then automatically the telecom landscape becomes simpler and more cost-effective. Furthermore, a business organization can enjoy several advantages such as call hunting, voice and data support, caller ID and so on. Obviously, it therefore makes a lot of sense for a business organization or owner to opt for a PRI line.


Finally, PRI offers great scalability and support for business growth. All a business organization has to do is to place a call to the telecom service provider who will be able to activate the additional channels required by an organization. The flexibility of configuring your voice services is one of the biggest reasons why PRI is an extremely popular option today.

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