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Fiber over Ethernet and how it can improve connectivity

Today’s world is all about data transmission and data speeds. Even the fastest desktop and workstation is only as good as the data speed that it connects into. And this is where fiber over Ethernet has played an important role in most IT landscapes of business organizations.  

It is all about speed

When one talks about fiber over Ethernet, the focus really is on speed. Since this computer networking technology integrates fiber channel frames over Ethernet networks, it can use 10 gigabit Ethernet or higher speeds of networks. It is thus characterized by:

  • enabling computers to connect to fiber over Ethernet the help of converged network adapters
  • preservation of fiber channel protocol and
  • changing the way high-speed storage networking is deployed.

How did fiber over Ethernet evolve?

Perhaps one of the biggest landmarks in the history of fiber over Ethernet happened in the year 2007 when the standardization process was initiated. 2009 saw fiber over Ethernet being included as part of the INCITS or international committee for information technology standards. The T11 group which is a part of the INCITS works on fiber standards.  

How does this technology help?

Fiber over Ethernet is all about consolidating storage networks. For instance, one of the biggest applications comes in the field of data Center storage area networks. Thanks to its ability to reduce cabling and even the number of network interface cards, fiber over Ethernet has indeed been able to change the way people look at high-speed storage networking standards.   Typically otherwise, the network can often be populated by diverse aspects such as:

  • storage area networks
  • local area networks
  • computing networks
  • management platforms
  • cabling systems and so on.

By helping to converge networks, fiber over Ethernet has indeed gone a long way in simplifying the network landscape for business organizations.  

All about convergence

Thus, fiber over Ethernet as a storage protocol is characterized mainly by its ability to bring IP protocol traffic and storage onto a single interface. Primarily, this results in simplifying the network landscape and reduction in data loss is well. One of the things that fiber over Ethernet will probably drive is wider inclusion of native fiber over Ethernet capabilities into storage arrays as well. This will certainly accelerate the adoption of fiber over Ethernet.   Telecom companies Many telecom companies are offering fiber over Ethernet connectivity. This allows them to:

  • deliver greater speeds of data transmission and storage to their customers
  • target businesses of almost any size and sector
  • provide better connectivity to third-party data centers and
  • offer greater support for cloud-based storage services.

According to one study, the global fiber over Ethernet industry is all set to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 37.93% by the year 2018. This growth rate is primarily driven because of a demand for support for higher bandwidth.

Thus, as technology evolves, fiber over Ethernet adoption is also going to grow. With increasing demand for cloud computing storage and other services, this protocol is indeed going to be a game changer for almost any company and client.

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