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Ethernet An Interesting Roadmap

Almost every industry and every product has a lifecycle. Some of these lifecycles are shorter than others and nowhere is this fact more apparent than in the IT industry. Products come and go, seemingly in the blink of any eye. But one product that has seemed to defy the odds is Ethernet and it seems to also have an extremely interesting roadmap ahead.

All about bandwidth

When it comes to efficient networking, everybody knows that it is only about bandwidth. As far as Ethernet is concerned, a few important things are waiting up ahead:

  • Growing deployment of 1 gigabit Ethernet network interface cards and servers
  • 10 gigabit Ethernet being all set to overtake the deployment of 1 gigabit Ethernet within a few years
  • Broader deployment of 40 gigabit Ethernet that will show significant adoption by the year 2018.

A lot more diversity

One of the groups that works on developing standards related to networking is the IEEE or Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The other group is the Ethernet Alliance. One of things that experts from both groups state is the fact that there is going to be a lot more diversity in the Ethernet market. This diversity will be seen in aspects such as newer bandwidth operating points, increase in bandwidth that can see a staggering speed such as 400 gigabits Ethernet and more flexibility to choose the right kind of networks based on Ethernet technologies.

More options

The Ethernet roadmap will also have more options as far as networking goes. For instance, the work being done by the 25G Ethernet Consortium is aimed at developing two protocols - a 25 gigabit single lane Ethernet protocol and a 50 gigabit dual lane Ethernet protocol. There are some big names from the IT industry that are a part of this Consortium. The point of such extra options is that a user can enjoy better connectedness and lower operational costs as well.

Speeds ahead

Organizations dedicated to Ethernet standards have prioritized speed and this is going to result in some never before seen networking speeds. By the year 2017, there can well be a 400 gigabit Ethernet standard in place. To support such staggering speeds, the Ethernet market will also see the introduction of some major technical innovations including new fibers. Of course, various other aspects of the landscape will also need to be improved vastly in order to keep up with the Ethernet speeds and changes. Many companies and ecosystem are talking about producing and deploying cables, switches, chips and connectors that will keep up with the roadmap ahead for Ethernet.

The ever evolving Ethernet space will also impact sectors and areas such as data centers, network service providers, electrical and optical infrastructure and even residential and consumer use of this technology. Adoption of Ethernet solutions will be faster and more diverse. Businesses and network users will also need support for more complex and sophisticated applications and this is where Ethernet and the future ahead will play a huge role.

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