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How Reliable Is Fiber Optic Internet?

How reliable is fiber optic internet overall? This is a question that comes up from countless private and commercial clients thinking of making the switch permanently.

So, as your business fiber internet experts, TelcoSolutions gives a quick overview of this high-speed connectivity choice below.

How Does Fiber Optic Internet Measure Up?

The short answer is that this type of connection offers the best combination of signal strength, internet speed, and internet reliability. However, let’s look at the alternatives, to be fair.

Alternative 1: Satellite

Connections via satellite work well in more rural areas where there are few other options. It’s quite reliable, but there’s a good reason why no one in the city uses it.

The downsides of satellite connections include the following:

  • You must purchase a dish and receiver to connect to the network.
  • The monthly connection cost is high.
  • Speeds seldom exceed 10 Mbps.
  • Many service providers offer relatively low data caps.

If you happen to be stuck in the mountains with no other internet options, a satellite can work. However, it’s not optimal for users with other choices on hand.

Alternative 2: Digital Subscriber Line

DSL services need a landline, as they connect through phone lines. They’re reliable, and from a convenience standpoint, it doesn’t come much easier than this because all you need is the right jack, a DSL filter, and a router.  

However, this technology is showing its age for the following reasons:

  • It’s much slower than cable or fiber due to interference resistance.
  • The further the signal has to travel, the more it slows down.

In a rural area far from the provider, it’s unlikely to ever reach the speeds they promise.

Alternative 3: Cable

Cable is a step in the right direction and simple to install. With this system, you connect through your cable TV rather than a phone line. The upside is that you probably have everything you need, and most providers give you a router with a contract.

But, you will have similar issues to the phone line saga. The further you are from the source, the more delays you will experience. The other issue is the bandwidth—more users watching cable means a slower speed.

Alternative 4: 5G

5G is another over-the-air service, like satellite. Its reliability hinges on your proximity to a tower, though. So, as you move away, the connection becomes slower and spottier.

The latest 5G will be easy to install and faster than its predecessors. However, like a 4G signal, interference between you and the tower causes endless issues. And the more users there are, the more diluted the signal becomes.

5G  also hasn’t rolled out to all areas yet, so it isn’t available to everyone.

Why Choose Fiber Instead?

Each type of internet connection has its advantages, but none quite measure up to fiber optics when it comes to damage and aging resistance. How reliable is fiber optic internet? Extremely!

The signal moves via light rather than through a tangible medium like a cable. So, the technology combines the reliability of a cabled network with the highest internet speeds available. In fact, fiber optics reaches speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second for premier accounts, with an average of about 500 Mbps for regular users.

Not only is it fast, but it’s affordable, and the other connection types can’t compete. But is fiber optic internet as reliable as it seems? Let’s take a look.


While you can string fiber optic cables along poles, most providers opt to bury them to protect them from inclement weather, temperature fluctuations, theft, and so on.

Resistance to Interference

The primary downside of traditional cable and DSL lines is that they send the signal through copper cables using electricity. While efficient, the wires offer resistance, heating up as the electricity passes through. There’s a hard limit to how much you can safely send down the line, which limits the signal speed.

Conversely, fiber optics relay the signal as light rays along strands of glass. There is no heat and very little resistance, hence the ability to achieve far higher speeds as needed. Plus, there is no need to worry about electronic interference and very little distortion.

A Better Signal

The fiber optic network is far more effective at relaying the signal to your device. The latency and ping rates are under 50 milliseconds, providing a superior gaming or streaming experience. Not only that, but users like stock traders who rely on split-second timing describe being able to get a step ahead of the game with fiber optics connections.

Symmetrical Speeds

The final comparison is with conventional internet connections that have large variances in their upload and download speeds. This impacts the user experience, particularly when trying to make video calls and gaming.

With fiber optics, the upload and download speeds match! That means your overall usage comes in at a more reasonable rate. You’ll see evidence of this in the faster overall speeds, regardless of what tasks you’re performing online.

One More Factor To Consider: The Cost of Fiber Optics

Is fiber optic the cheapest option? No, but if you look at any overview of high-speed internet options, it does offer exceptional value for the money.

With fiber optics, you don’t need fancy equipment or a huge monthly subscription. As long as there is a cable network in your area, you can connect to it quickly and inexpensively. And once that connection is in place, all you need is a router to take full advantage of the system.

If you want a reliable, high-speed connection, fiber optic internet cannot compare to the four alternatives above. So, whether you’re running a busy office with remote team members or binging series, fiber optics will keep you connected without annoying buffering or service drops.

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