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How VoIP solutions can benefit small businesses

The market for voice-over-IP solutions is expected to grow 28 percent over the next three years, according to data from the market research firm Technavio. This signals continued widespread adoption among organizations across myriad sectors. However, some still second guess VoIP solutions, especially small business owners who manage small margins and are therefore reluctant to invest in new technology. On top of that, most simply do not see how such services can help them better connect with customers and partners, many of whom are an analog phone call away. is just one of the businesses that is reaping the benefits of VoIP. Their founder, Salina Hainzl says: “We have been using VOIP for over 10 years and although there are times when we’ve nearly gone back to good ole Telstra, for the most part we love it! It has created a much more streamlined and professional presence for our business.”

Andrew Constantine, Owner of CIO Cybersecurity, adds: “For us, VoIP is merely another business product. Needing phones in the business, the best features are its call conferencing capability and Wifi, Bluetooth, and HDMI connections.”

In reality, small businesses can gain a lot from VoIP technology. What exactly? Here some ways growing enterprises can benefit from such solutions:

Lower calling and installation costs

VoIP platforms typically cost less than traditional private branch-exchange setups, according to the Houston Chronicle. Most models work with traditional lines and configuration involves installing phone adapters and enrolling in digital services, most of which are priced at low monthly rates. PBX solutions, on the other hand, require costly hardware that is difficult to maintain and come with exorbitant calling fees. Additionally, VoIP users can create multiple location-based phone numbers, meaning they can forego pricey international calling plans and still connect with clients overseas, Small Business Trends reported.

Cutting-edge features

VoIP users truly get more for less. How? These systems come with myriad calling and networking features businesses simply cannot get with PBX solutions. For starters, most VoIP platforms feature call screening and conferencing components, according to TechRepublic. The former gives reception personnel the power to identify callers before picking up, allowing for carefully crafted responses that optimize customer service and make for wider margins. Conferencing features are of course key for companies with decentralized staff or far-off clients. These are must-haves for modern firms of all sizes.

"VoIP platforms typically cost less than traditional private branch-exchange setups."

On top of that, VoIP users can take advantage of nice-to-have options like hold music, which, despite its reputation, actually improves client relationships as most callers on hold would rather listen to a preprogrammed top-40 hit than dead air. Enterprises dabbling with big data are able to employ cloud-based VoIP technology to compile automated call logs and usage data, information that can be used to streamline internal processes and cut costs.

New business opportunities

In addition to supporting existing business processes, VoIP solutions open up new opportunities. How? First off, this telephonic technology facilitates maximum flexibility, allowing users to access key features anywhere in the world with a simple online portal, according to the Houston Chronicle. This means companies can connect with clients in any location and still access internal phone systems. It also bolsters recruiting, as human resources personnel can reach out to talented candidates in any location, knowing they can use VoIP technology to contribute to the business. The conferencing features present in some solutions also come in handy in these situations, as employees in different locations can easily connect, collaborate and find new ways to widen margins.

On top of this, myriad features improve internal operations and allow for more scalable, cost-effective workflows. Auto attendant options make it easy for callers to find the person they are looking for without speaking with reception personnel, speeding up business-to-customer communications and trimming the payroll simultaneously. Some VoIP solutions even come with hardwired coaching tools that give supervisors the power to listen in on sales calls in real time and offer advice, all without interrupting the conversation, TechRepublic reported. This of course leads to more transactions, as salespeople improve and deliver pitches that hook clients and net revenue.

With these benefits in play, small businesses would be wise to swap PBX platforms for streamlined VoIP solutions that not only cost less but also have the power to transform operations from top to bottom. Is your organization interested in implementing VoIP technology? Connect with Telco Solutions today. Our packages come with a variety of features, including enhanced caller ID, surrogate client number services and more. Additionally, some of our calling plans include unlimited long distance, toll-free customer support and online fax services.

Contact TelcoSolutions today to learn more about our extensive product catalog or request a free quote.

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