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Facts on Metro Ethernet services

Service providers have to offer telecom solutions that are:

  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Cost effective and
  • Easy to use.

One of the solutions that fits these criteria is Metro Ethernet.  

What is Metro Ethernet?

As the term denotes, metro Ethernet is a metropolitan area network which functions on Ethernet standards. It is characterized by:

  • Helping users connect to the internet or a service network
  • Helping business organizations connect their branch offices to one another
  • Simpler network operations and management
  • Faster provisioning and
  • Reduction in capital and operation expenses.

Its model

Typically, a metro Ethernet landscape will bring together:

  • A metro Ethernet network
  • Customer equipment
  • User network interface and
  • Ethernet interface at various speeds.

Customer equipment can tap into the metro Ethernet network with standard Ethernet interface of 10 megabits per second or going up to 10 Gbps.  

How does it help?

A metro Ethernet technology can help connect institutions and businesses of various kinds to a WAN or internet. It can thus:

  • Support connectivity for government bodies, academic institutions, corporations, businesses
  • Function as an intranet
  • Have a mesh network topology which brings together individual servers or Routers and connections via fiber-optic and cable as well.

Metro Ethernet is also positioned to cater for and overcome the shortcomings of WAN. It is a well-known fact that despite the growth in WAN bandwidth, it has not been able to keep pace with all the demands placed upon it by customers of various kinds.  

Main features

Typically, Metro Ethernet solutions are characterized by:

  • Flexible bandwidth
  • Scalability which means that a business organization can enjoy speeds ranging from 1 megabits per second and going up to 100 gigabits per second
  • Easier network management because updates can often be done remotely with the right software and
  • cost effectiveness because the equipment can prove to be significantly less expensive than most other connectivity solutions.

High-power communications

Metro Ethernet is a popular solution because there are some big names as far as service providers are concerned. Such service providers are capable of:

  • delivering connectivity to business organizations of various sizes
  • making it cost-effective for organizations to go in for Metro Ethernet services
  • offering different types of Metro Ethernet connectivity and
  • meeting all the demands for scalability from their clients.

Types of Metro Ethernet solutions

Broadly speaking, Metro Ethernet services can be delivered via;

  • Ethernet dedicated Internet access
  • point-to-point Ethernet Private line
  • multipoint to multipoint Ethernet and
  • through Ethernet virtual private lines as well.

Whether it is point-to-point, or point to multipoint or even multipoint to multipoint, Metro Ethernet can take care of such connectivity options.  

Ethernet service types

According to the Metro Ethernet Forum or MEF, Ethernet services can be:

  • Ethernet line service or E-Line service and
  • Ethernet LAN service or E-LAN service.

Both of them are distinguished by some salient features. For instance, the Ethernet line service provides point-to-point Ethernet virtual connection. The Ethernet LAN service provides multipoint connectivity.

Thus, when it comes to Metro Ethernet services, any business organization can enjoy its advantages of bandwidth efficiency, scalability, reliability and flexibility. Also, given the fact that it comes with a highly cost effective foundation, small wonder that this solution is finding greater adoption everywhere.

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