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T1 Internet Connection: Is It Good for Your Business?

What is a T1 internet connection, and is it good for your business? In this post, the Telco Solutions team discusses T1 internet services and whether or not they benefit your business.

What are T1 Lines?

T1 lines use copper wires to transmit voice and data traffic using digital signals and cable modems. The system is an upgrade on the standard landline that allows users access to high-speed internet at a rate of 1.544 Mbps. By comparison, your standard landline only delivers speeds of around 56 Kbps.

The T1’s two pairs of copper wires deliver faster internet speeds and a more stable connection thank many other systems. In addition, businesses may opt for voice and internet, depending on the configuration.

What is a Voice T1 Line?

A voice T1 line differentiates itself by coming in one of two types:

  • Channelized: Channelized services split the bandwidth into 24 channels, each with a 64 Kbps capacity. Companies wanting to support multiple voice calls can therefore receive 23 calls simultaneously. The final channel handles the signaling information.
  • Unchannelized: Companies may choose this service if their focus is on the best speed. There is no segmentation with this model.

What is a Data T1 Line?

A T1 internet connection will only transport data, and companies never channelize it. Therefore, it is the best way to achieve the full data speed of 1.544. Companies requiring additional capacity can upgrade the line and the T1 lines cable modems.

In such instances, the service providers bond several lines together to achieve a cohesive effect. For example, they may connect two strings to double their capacity and four together to quadruple it.

Companies typically use these data lines for:

  • Internet access
  • Point-to-point data
  • Voice over Internet Protocol

Why Businesses Opt for T1 Lines

A T1 internet connection offers high data speeds at reasonable rates. The infrastructure is already in place as this is an older product. Unlike mobile broadband, the signal strength is consistent, with only breaks in the lines causing issues.

There are also several companies offering a wide range of packages. For consumers needing a reliable, comfortable option, T1 is ideal.

It is not a top-of-the-line service anymore, but it is adequate for most business needs. In addition, it compares favorably to broadband and fiber in terms of price and uptime.

The Downside of T1 Lines

While T1 lines offer many advantages, big players in the industry control the cable infrastructure. Until a short while ago, the FCC ruled that companies like Verizon and AT&T had to provide wholesale access to this copper infrastructure.

Now that the FCC changed its ruling, the big players can shut down their copper services. Many confirmed their intention to retire their networks because:

  • More people are opting for fiber and wireless networks.
  • Maintaining the copper network is expensive.
  • The existing infrastructure is aging and will need an expensive overhaul soon.

So, while the networks will still be available for some time, providers will phase them out. In the interim, they will likely increase the costs of using these services to convince clients to switch.

So, while a T1 internet connection has many benefits, it is not a future-proof option. Also, considering that internet providers are investing in alternatives, you cannot expect them to maintain the networks as consistently as they once did.

As a result, achieving high speeds and scaling up operations will become more complex. Also, it will take longer to fix network errors, with some firms not opting to repair damage eventually.

Considering that the network is aging, this could prove disadvantageous in the future.

What to Consider Instead

The upside to companies disinvesting in T1 is that they’ll have more funds to invest in newer technology. In addition, as investment improves, so does the infrastructure and technology to support it. This development puts companies in a position to save money.

For example, let's say a company is switching from a T1 internet connection to a wireless option for its central office. With T1, it must pay for line speeds in increments of 2 Mbps. So, if it only needs 5 Mbps, it must use four bonded lines that deliver 6 Mbps.

The company then has to pay for a 1 Mbps bandwidth it will never use. With newer technology, it’s easier to dictate which levels of service you require. Therefore, you can opt for the speed to cut out at 5 Mbps and not pay for the capacity you will not use.

A further advantage of newer technology is its scalability. Upgrading your bandwidth is as simple as calling your service provider. With T1, you need to install an additional line.

Wireless carriers and fiber providers often incentivize the switch by providing you with the required equipment. This action allows businesses to adapt to quick upscaling as the technology improves more.

With the cost of T1 lines increasing over time, wireless, broadband, and fiber will become more cost-effective.

Other Considerations

Switching internet connection due to prices is one of many factors to consider. Businesses should also consider the network’s latency, speed, and reliability. At present, T1 lines still provide excellent services at reasonable rates.

Until the rollout of fiber and wireless networks are complete, they offer a workable solution for many businesses. While this will likely change over time, a wired connection may prove your best bet for now.

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