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Metro E Services

The Ethernet has lent itself to a variety of things in today’s world. Some of the things that it has been associated with are:

  • Provision of standards for local area networks and Metropolitan area networks
  • Constant evolution include raiding the standard of bandwidth
  • Functioning as a basis for networks such as Metro E or Metropolitan area Ethernet.

What is Metro E?

A Metropolitan area Ethernet network is often known as Metro E. As the term denotes, it is a Metro Ethernet network that is:

  • Based on Ethernet standards
  • Used to connect Metropolitan area subscribers to the Internet and
  • Also used to connect business organizations that lie within a Metro

Why choose Ethernet standards?

There are many reasons why subscribers within the Metropolitan area can choose to go with an Ethernet interface. Some of these reasons are:

  • The cost effectiveness of such an interface
  • Easy connectivity with existing customer networks and
  • Availability of a large number of service providers as well

  Furthermore, Metropolitan Ethernet services can also be deployed as Ethernet over MPLS, pure Ethernet and even Ethernet over SDH. Each one of these deployments has their own advantages to bring. For instance, pure Ethernet infrastructure is definitely less expensive than quite a few other options. However, it may have issues related to scalability.  

Architecture of Metro E

Typically, a Metropolitan Ethernet framework will bring together:

  • A core network
  • Various transport technologies
  • Aggregation devices and
  • Access devices.

  Depending on the service provider, a Metro Ethernet connection or network can use various kinds of interfaces and technologies. For instance, a Metro Ethernet network that uses MPLS as its foundation will result in the client getting an Ethernet interface on copper and transportation will be done over MPLS.   Simply put, Metro E is nothing but the use of carrier Ethernet technology in specific Metropolitan area networks. It does offer benefits such as reliability, easy bandwidth management and scalability of the network as well. In comparison, quite a few times, the Metro Ethernet networks show much higher management simplicity and performance when compared to quite a few of the networks.  

Flexibility of services

Considering the fact that there are quite a few big names when it comes to the provisioning of Metro Ethernet services, you can rest assured that you will get a hugely flexible network design. If you already have a layer 3 virtual private network, then Metro E can easily be integrated with the same. If a client wants to manage his own network, then choosing a layer 2 Metro Ethernet service can help with this.   Most service providers are able to deliver:

  • Business class service level agreements
  • Highly flexible network configurations
  • Support for users and applications of various kinds
  • Support for business critical applications such as Internet, high-speed data and VoIP and
  • Customization for various kinds of applications such as video as well.

 Considering the fact that Metro Ethernet services can be scaled up extremely quickly, a business organization can certainly enjoy a hugely reliable network and more importantly, a network that will keep pace with his or her business requirements as well.

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