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Five VoIP Hacking Signs Your Business Should Be Aware Of

Many businesses don’t believe a hacker could target their phone systems. However, not only is VoIP hacking possible, it is quite common.

In fact, there are several types of VoIP hacking. Some may use your VoIP system to commit fraud and extortion; others may gain unauthorized access and launch attacks that compromise customer information and business data.

Fortunately, there are several measures you can put in place to safeguard your VoIP infrastructure. For starters, being able to detect fraudulent activities early on is crucial. The quicker you can identify an attack, the sooner you can resolve it.

Read on to learn how you can detect VoIP hacking and why consulting a VoIP hosted PBX provider could help you alleviate your security concerns.

Five VoIP Hacking Signs You Should Be Aware Of

Voice over Internet Protocol continues to gain favor as a reliable communication solution for small and mid-sized businesses. The technology enables businesses to connect with clients and employees in easier, cheaper, and more convenient ways.

However, cybercriminals can exploit this technology for financial gain. As such, there are several precautions you will need to take to protect your business’s sensitive data.

Besides the security measures you implement, constantly monitoring your system is vital. While this might seem challenging, certain signs can help.

Here are five signs that will help you determine if your VoIP system is under attack.

1. Irregular Call History

Going through your VoIP system’s call history will help you know if it is compromised. Consider looking for unusual records in the call history.

For instance, if your business does not deal with foreign clients, international calls are a red flag. You should also take note of the calls made on holidays, weekends, and during off-hours.

To make it easier to catch irregularities in the call history, remember to advise your employees against making non-work-related phone calls. Also, placing a geo-limit on the calls can make monitoring the system easier.

2. Redirected Internet Searches

Being unable to find irregularities in your system’s call history doesn’t automatically mean your system isn’t under attack. You should look for other signs of VoIP hacking, such as redirected internet searches.

Does your browser redirect you to other sites when performing an internet search? Is someone adding or installing toolbars and extensions in your browser without your knowledge?

These are signs that hackers have installed malware or unwanted software in your VoIP infrastructure.

Ensuring you power down your system and log out of the admin portal when not using your VoIP system will help you protect it from such worrying signs.

3. Your Webcams and Microphones Turn On Automatically

VoIP’s ability to allow businesses to use webcams and microphones to conduct calls is a great benefit. However, what’s advantageous to you can be an opportunity for hackers to gain unauthorized access to your system.

Hackers will often use webcams and microphones to spy on your business in an attempt to collect confidential information for financial gain.

As such, when you notice the webcams and microphones are on without your permission, it could be a sign that your system is compromised.

4. Fake Antivirus Alerts

Are you and your employees suddenly receiving pop-up notifications for antivirus software on your computers? These notifications could be a sign of a VoIP hack.

Since VoIP is an IP-based technology, it uses the internet to send and receive data to and from various locations. Hackers can take advantage of this and create phishing notifications whenever your system is on.

You or your employees might see fake antivirus alerts and click on them, granting hackers access to your system.

Whenever you notice such messages, notify your VoIP service provider immediately. The system administrator will check the source and find the troublesome malware. Until they ensure your system isn’t compromised, we recommend shutting down the system to limit further damage.

We also recommend advising your employees to never click on any notification until they verify its source.

5. Sudden Rise in VoIP Bills

The sudden increase in VoIP bills can help determine if a hacker has gained access to your system. This sudden increase should be especially worrying if there are no changes in the calls you make and you have not added new numbers or phone lines.

One of the main concerns of most organizations that use the technology is the unauthorized use of their systems.

Hackers with unauthorized access can take advantage of the infrastructure, making international calls and leaving you with the bill. In some cases, hackers could use auto-dialing tools that allow multiple phones to access premium rate links.

Besides tying up your infrastructure’s resources, this type of hacking can cause your phone bills to increase.

Fortunately, monitoring your monthly VoIP bills will help you detect malicious activities. Doing so will also help you monitor call history, which is another way to detect system irregularities.

Immediately inform your system administrator or service provider as soon as you notice anything unusual.

Safeguard Your Communications with TelcoSolutions

As reliable as VoIP is as a communication solution, it can provide hackers access to sensitive data and customer information. Though such attacks can be challenging to detect, the signs we’ve shared above will help you determine if your system is compromised.

Unfortunately, given how hectic it is to run a business, continuously checking for these signs can get overwhelming—that is where our team at TelcoSolutions comes in.

By partnering with us, you get access to a dedicated team of professionals committed to dealing with all VoIP hacking concerns. What’s more, we help you find products that will help you safeguard your unified communication system against harmful attacks.

Our solutions also include network monitoring and emergency services that help us detect and respond to any worrying signs we find.

Whether you are interested in understanding VoIP security or simply want to focus on your business’s day-to-day operations, TelcoSolutions promises to be the perfect partner. Contact us today at 800-546-9810 to learn how our hosted PBX phone services can protect you from VoIP hacking.

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