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Ethernet vs. T1 Services

There are different types of technologies when it comes to connectivity options for business organizations. Some of the factors that must go into selecting the right kind of technology are:

  • Cost effectiveness,
  • Quality of service providers,
  • Budgets,
  • Speed of connectivity and
  • Support for business critical applications as well.

And when one talks about connectivity options, two technologies get talked about quite often – Ethernet vs. T1. It would be well worthwhile to take a look at these technologies.

Is it Ethernet versus T1?

Experts suggest that it would be incorrect to go for a simple analysis of Ethernet versus T1. Rather, a business organization should make a decision based on comparison of various features including:

  • Speeds
  • Service level agreements
  • Reliability
  • Scalability and so on.

In quite a few respects, Ethernet T1 comes across as absolutely the same. For instance, both technologies can come with a 99.999% uptime service level agreement. As far as the quality of service with VoIP is concerned, both offer similar performances. Both offer symmetrical bandwidth as well.  

Where do they differ?

In a few respects, Ethernet and T1 differ in significant ways. Take speed for instance. With T1 connectivity, you will get a minimum of 1.5 megabits per second. You can increase the speed by opting for bonded T1 lines which can give you connectivity of speeds up to 12 megabits per second. When you talk about business Ethernet, you can start with something as low as 2 megabits per second and go up to even higher than multiple Gbps , depending on your service provider. 

T1 requires additional equipment whereas business Ethernet can be executed even without the investment in customer CPE. Most people agree that business Ethernet is easier to install and less expensive when compared to a T1 line. Of course, a good service provider will ensure that equipment is installed for both types of connectivity, as and when required. Typically, Ethernet uses far less expensive router.   

Thus, basically, Ethernet vs. T1 differ in the speed and installation.

Making the choice

It is an extremely good idea to talk to your service provider when it comes to making a choice between Ethernet and T1. When available, these two choices should be explored comprehensive. A lot would also depend on the network of services offered by your telecom carrier or service provider. There used to be a time when Ethernet connectivity or availability was a drawback. But today, service providers have catered for this distance limitation and are able to offer services in quite a few remote locations as well. 

If scalability is an extremely important consideration for you, then you should be able to check out how fast the service provider can offer extra bandwidth whenever you require. Business Ethernet is less expensive to scale when you do a direct comparison with a T1 line. Both technologies offer dedicated speed without any fluctuations. 

Therefore, at the end of the day it truly is a question of what your business organization requires from its networking and connectivity solutions that will help you decide between Ethernet vs. T1.

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