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Ethernet T1 and some important aspects

The telecommunications landscape of the world is full of fascinating aspects. Some of these aspects include:

  • Availability of big names when it comes to service providers
  • Growing ability to provide robust service level agreements
  • Changing technology that makes it possible for businesses to communicate across the world in a much more seamless manner
  • Scalability that keeps pace with massive business organizations and their growth
  • Advent of high bandwidth applications such as cloud computing and so on.

 Business Ethernet has been one of the main choices when it comes to networking and Ethernet T1 has also come into play in a huge manner. Here are a few aspects to consider.  


When talking about Ethernet T1, it is useful to make a comparison between the 2 service offerings - T1 and Ethernet. Basically both of them differ in:

  • Speed which makes business Ethernet capable of delivering higher bandwidths at a lower cost
  • Ethernet can prove to be more cost-effective in scalability
  • Higher reliability when it comes to Ethernet.

 Both these technologies offer availability, similar levels of quality of service and very low fluctuation when it comes to speed.  

Cost effectiveness

One of the biggest advantages of Ethernet T1 is the cost effectiveness. It typically uses a low-cost router and can often make use of the existing infrastructure that a business organization has. It also builds upon the conventional fast Ethernet LAN technology and therefore minimizes the number of devices that exist in the network. Its cost effectiveness comes into play when there is the requirement of a business organization for scaling up. There is no need for any additional equipment in this scenario.  

Support for next-generation services

One of the biggest game changers when it comes to tomorrow’s technological landscape is the availability of and great rate of adoption of high bandwidth and sophisticated technologies such as cloud computing, packet-based services and so on. With Ethernet T1, a business organization can maintain the traditional TDM or Time Division Multiplexing services such as T1 lines and utilize the strengths of an Ethernet network to take care of its communication needs.  

Availability of service providers

There are plenty of big names when it comes to service providers in the domain of Ethernet T1 and it is simply a question of finding one that offers:

  • Minimum disruption to existing infrastructure
  • Ease of maintenance of the network
  • 0 or minimal change to existing equipment and T1 repeater technologies
  • Easy provisioning and support services in terms of scalability and
  • Robust service level agreements.

How to decide on the service provider?

It will require bit of homework in terms of looking at the websites of different service providers. Some of the aspects that you should keep in mind when looking for the right one are the company’s ability to provide symmetrical speeds and its existing footprint when it comes to national and international markets. The price should definitely be affordable and you can easily get a free price quote by simply asking for the same.   Thus, looking for the best possible service provider when it comes to Ethernet T1 can go a long way in helping any business organization enjoy this technology and its capabilities.

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