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How is Fiber Internet Installed: Preparing Your Business for Installation

How is fiber internet installed? Learn more in this article by the TelcoSolutions team so you can properly prepare your business when switching over to a fiber network. We’ll go over how to install business fiber internet by TelcoSolutions so that you can make an informed decision about when to proceed with the transition.

Our Initial Consultation

Before we answer, “How is fiber internet installed?" let’s discuss your initial consultation. We spend a little time during this meeting to fully understand your needs. Our technician will generally follow these steps:

  • We send a technician to your business to discuss your options in terms of download speeds, bandwidth requirements, and everything related to the connection you require.
  • Then we evaluate the infrastructure that you have on hand. Is there a suitable utility box with fiber connections nearby? Did your old internet service provider provide you with the equipment to take full advantage of the extremely fast download speeds?
  • Next, we get an idea of how many devices you need to connect. If your employees connect their business computers and personal devices, you need a more robust connection.
  • We then ask what your employees will access on the web. If they’re using their time to check emails or perform basic research, you won’t need much bandwidth. However, if you allow them to stream videos or access graphics, you will need more capacity.
  • Finally, we ask about your plans for the future. Will you be adding additional devices like extra POSs? Are you planning to upgrade your equipment? We will advise you on building a sustainable network that can grow as you do.
  • Our technician will answer any questions you have. When they are sure that they understand your needs, they will work out your free estimate and allow you to review it.
  • When you give us the go-ahead, we will explain the installation process and schedule a suitable time convenient for you.

Installing Your New Fiber Optic Cable

Now let’s discuss the answer to “How is fiber internet installed?” in more detail. First things first, let’s look at what a fiber internet connection is.

What Is a Fiber Internet Connection?

Do you remember the early days of the internet when we used ethernet cables attached to modems to connect? Those wired connections were inconvenient, but they had the advantage of being stable and faster than the wireless options at the time.

Fiber is an improvement on that technology. Instead of using wired cables, the connection uses fiber optics that are as thin as human hair. The internet signals travel in the form of light pulses rather than electricity, enabling faster speeds.

The result is a stable connection similar to wired options but with much faster speeds.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Fiber Connection?

The answer depends on the current fiber infrastructure in your area. If the primary lines are in place, we simply need to hook you up to the nearest one. The process is as simple as running a line from the street outside to your building and connecting it to your router.

This generally takes about three hours, enabling us to easily complete the task during off-peak periods.

What Equipment Do You Require?

You may be able to use your existing router, which is something our technician will discuss with you during your initial consultation. However, we may recommend leasing one from us if your router is old or incompatible with your needs.

Considering the fast-changing pace of technology, it’s worth considering a new router anyway. They are relatively inexpensive, and the latest models give you the best protection against cybercriminals. We are happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

When we have your router in place, we’ll set up the network and activate your service. Then we check that everything works as it should, and you are ready to go!

Is Fiber Much Better than a Cable Network?

We’ll ask you to test the network and then make a determination. As a reference, fiber optics can transmit data up to ten times as fast as standard wired systems. Light moves faster than electricity because there is less resistance.

As a result, you can opt for speeds of up to 5,000 Mbps as opposed to those of up to 500 Mbps.

Is Fiber Reliable?  

Now that you can answer, “How is fiber internet installed?” you can see why it is one of the most reliable connections on the market today. The cables are less prone to damage because they’re underground and won't heat up or burn out like electrical cables. They are also less subject to hacking and weather interference.  

Is Fiber Available in Your Area?

Fiber is not available everywhere yet, so you need to contact our team directly to learn more about your specific location. We have an extensive network already, and if there is no availability in your area, we may consider extending our network if there is enough interest.

Why Isn’t Fiber Everywhere Yet?

Fiber does not rely on any existing infrastructure but rather on a new network that internet providers build and maintain. However, most urban areas already have access, and the networks are rolling out to rural areas.

Providers like us need to establish that there is sufficient interest in the region to install the infrastructure. That is why it is so important for prospective clients to express their interest, even if we do not have the capacity yet.  

That said, the move to fiber is irreversible. While there are other options, none match fiber for reliability, speed, and delivery. So, even if there is no network near you now, there may be plans to install one soon.

Are You Ready to Set Your Business Up for Success?

Do you have more questions similar to “How is fiber internet installed?” or are you ready to make the switch? Contact TelcoSolutions to discuss the benefits of fiber optic internet for businesses by calling 800-546-9810.

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