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Why Internet Resilience Matters to Your Business

Is your business ready for the next network outage? Are you equipped to handle intentional and unintentional disruptions?

That’s where internet reliance comes in. It’s not a matter of if but when it happens. And when the worst happens, will you be ready?

In this post, top-notch business fiber internet provider, TelcoSolutions, delves deeper into internet reliance and why it matters to your business. Keep reading for more information.

What Is Internet Resilience?

The internet plays a critical role in today’s business environment, and the COVID-19 pandemic further underlined the critical role of reliable internet connectivity for everyone.

A resilient internet connection maintains an acceptable level of service in case of a fault or outage. Unfortunately, not all businesses have a solid internet resilience plan or even one at all.

Redundancy vs. Resilience

While people often use these terms interchangeably, they have some distinct differences. Both network redundancy and resilience play a crucial role when designing and deploying a highly available network solution. You can’t have one without the other.

Moreover, a failure to understand these two basic principles underpins every network outage and performance issue.

Redundancy defines the provisioning or deploying of duplicate systems or devices in critical areas to take over active operation should the primary system or device fail.

Resilience, on the other hand, defines the ability to recover, self-heal, or converge to restore normal operations after a disruptive event.

As such, internet resilience requires redundant systems to exist. IT directors and CEOs lose sleep over entire networks going down, and a good internet resilience plan provides much-needed peace of mind.

The Importance of Internet Resilience

If nothing has already convinced you of the need for an internet resilience plan, imagine the effect of an entire day offline on your bottom line.

Over the past couple of years, significant outages have affected major industry players. Blue chip companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Akamai experienced failures. These failures show why internet connectivity matters more than ever before.

At this point, a minor disruption to a single provider or component can have far-reaching effects on the entire web.

No internet connection can mean lost time, money, business partners, and in some cases, a lost business. Ensuring you have safe, secure, and available internet connectivity requires a comprehensive internet resilience strategy.

In today’s digital age, where just about every business is an online business, slow or no internet and the ripple effect of negative user experiences can cripple a business. Building internet resilience remains a top priority for numerous reasons, including:

Greater Complexity

A few years back, accessing the IT systems that fueled your company was a lot easier—you probably had all your data on the local area network (LAN). Today, everything from email servers to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems run on the Internet.

While quite convenient, running everything online comes with certain vulnerabilities. The more your internet stack becomes more complex, the more challenging it becomes to find and respond to issues quickly.

Less Direct Control

The rise and rise of SaaS apps means your IT team probably spends more time and resources maintaining and managing third-party networks and providers rather than in-house systems.

When things inevitably go wrong, losing control over your company’s critical services and apps makes finding the root cause of a problem more complicated.

Distributed Architectures

The COVID-19 pandemic sped up the shift toward distributed systems, including mobile and hybrid workforces.

With countless workers continuing to work from home, networks previously designed for low bandwidth use have become overstretched, which explains the increase in network downtimes and failures.

Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) and Internet Resilience

IPM measures the ability of a network to provide end users with reliable and seamless access to internet services. Undoubtedly, reliable internet connectivity enables businesses to give their clients exceptional experiences.

But how can you ensure internet reliance for your business customers and staff when so much remains out of your control? The answer: IPM.

IPM matters because it affects the customer experience. Ultimately, a horrible customer experience means you’ll lose customers. Unlike a few years ago, today’s customers and employees have high expectations.

You’ll rarely find a customer willing to wait five seconds for a website to load or an item to get into their online shopping cart. Yet, 2,000 or more things have to happen in perfect harmony in milliseconds for your web page to work seamlessly.

As more businesses keep acknowledging that everything runs on the Internet, more companies are integrating their monitoring capabilities with IPM to provide comprehensive visibility into the enterprise internet stack.

Why IPM Is Crucial to Your Digital Resilience Strategy

IPM captures internet performance from a network of monitoring vantage points to provide a comprehensive view of every internet layer.

For example, is the problem on the Internet? If so, where is it? Is it an ISP issue? Is it a network issue? Is it a cloud provider issue?

Knowing the root cause of the problem allows you to get back to business and get resilient as quickly as possible. This ability to provide deep end-to-end visibility of the internet makes it a critical component of your company’s digital resilience strategy.

Bottom Line

While a complete internet collapse or outage seems unlikely, you can’t rule it out entirely. No service is too big to fall, and your business, however big or small, will have to endure it. The need for internet resilience has never been more critical for your business.

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