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EoC or Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet is a category of computer networking technologies that has been standardized since the year 1983. There are plenty of varieties of Ethernet such as:

  • 10BASE-T
  • 1000BASE-T
  • Fiber optic Ethernet and
  • Ethernet in the first mile.

Ethernet in the first mile is nothing but Ethernet and its transmission over various kinds of media such as optical fiber and point to multipoint fiber. One such transmission interface is copper. Therefore, Ethernet over copper is one variant of Ethernet in the first mile.

What is Ethernet over copper?

Ethernet over copper or EoC is the transmission of Ethernet over twisted telephone wires. Its physical infrastructure consists of:

  • Physical layers such as 10PASS-TS and 2BASE-TL,
  • RJ-45 Jack,
  • Special adapters since an Ethernet over copper connection cannot be plugged into standard Ethernet ports.

Who offers Ethernet over copper?

Broadly speaking, an individual can tap into two sources when it comes to EoC. These two sources are CLECs and ILECs. CLEC stands for competitive local exchange carrier. ILEC stands for incumbent local exchange carrier. The latter is a local telephone company which may hold a regional control. There are plenty of big names operating in both these spaces and depending on the availability of service providers in your region or area, you can easily choose Ethernet over copper services from any one of them.

Why choose Ethernet over copper?

There are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed when you choose EoC services. Perhaps the biggest of them is the affordability factor. Since EoC is built on twisted telephone wires, it makes it an extremely affordable connectivity solution. Most service providers are able to deliver consistent Ethernet connectivity as well which simply means better performance when it comes to networking. Reduction in costs and investments are also some of the reasons why EoC has become very popular today.

Are there any downsides?

Even as the many benefits of Ethernet over copper have made it such a popular solution all over the world, one factor that you will have to cater to is distance. The closer you are to the Central office of the telecom company, the better the speeds. The greater the distance between the client’s office and the telecom company, the slower the speed. It would therefore be worthwhile for you to explore exactly what kind of speeds you can enjoy when it comes to availing Ethernet over copper connectivity from your telecom company.

Plenty of service providers

One of the biggest advantages that you can enjoy when it comes to EoC or EoCu is the fact that there are plenty of service providers who have the technology and the equipment to deliver business class Ethernet services. Leveraging existing networks and using Ethernet products can help a service provider deliver benefits such as:

  • Business class service level agreements,
  • Swift installation,
  • Scalable bandwidth,
  • Support for business critical applications and
  • Support for voice, data and other cloud services as well.

Thus, going in for Ethernet over copper solutions is a decision that you can make easily thanks to the availability of big names when it comes to telecom companies. It would be worthwhile to compare prices across such service providers before making your decision.

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