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Fiber over Ethernet for greater speeds

As computer network technologies go, fiber over Ethernet has come to be associated with some immense speeds. This computer network technology is characterized by:

  • its ability to preserve the fiber Channel protocol
  • allowing fiber Channel to use networks which operate at 10 gigabit or higher speeds
  • being governed by the International committee for information technology standards and
  • its main application being in storage area networks pertaining to data centers.

So what is fiber over Ethernet?

Basically, this is a storage protocol that allows fiber Channel Communications to get transmitted over Ethernet. It makes it possible for all the traffic that uses fiber Channel to move across Ethernet infrastructure at high speed. It also delivers convergence of IP protocols and storage protocols and brings it together onto one cable interface.  

Reduces complexity

One of the biggest features of fiber over Ethernet is the fact that it reduces complexity in terms of switches. Since it consolidates input and output and also reduces cable and interface cards, it delivers a significant level of simplicity in the network. Its evolutionary approach to input output consolidation helps in the following aspects as well:

  • maintaining latency
  • better traffic management
  • more security and
  • helping a business organization preserve its investments in storage area networks and reliability.

It also allows business organizations the flexibility to choose between putting Ethernet traffic and fiber Channel traffic on the same physical cable or keep them separate.  

Consolidation is key

Thanks to the advancements in sophistication of technology, more and more solutions are getting converged. Converging network means that solutions technologies such as fiber over Ethernet can go a long way in simplifying the complex operations that take place in today’s data centers.  When an individual has fewer HBAs or host bus adapters to deal with, it indeed makes it easier to manage the network. Such consolidation also helps to reduce the number of interface devices, cabling and so on.  

Data center usage

Typically, fiber over Ethernet is associated mostly with data center usage. When large organizations are able to converge the storage and data technologies networks, it allows them to exercise greater control over their IT landscape. Plenty of enterprises are turning to this technology simply because it allows them to enjoy standardized solutions and one that simplifies their operation as well.

Data centers can use fiber over Ethernet to consolidate cabling that is needed at the rack level and server hardware as well. In fact, with advancements in this technology, storage arrays will successfully be able to support fiber over Ethernet in a native manner sometime in the near future. This simply means that end to end fiber Ethernet deployments will soon become the norm in data centers. Today, a data center can enjoy a significant reduction in switches, cables, adapters and other equipment when it chooses to go with fiber over Ethernet technology.   

Thus, fiber over Ethernet has indeed become a very popular choice because it allows simplification of network and integration of storage protocols and even multiple storage protocols and LAN on a converged network.

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