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How IoT is changing the modern workplace

How IoT is changing the modern workplace

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extensive network of devices and embedded technology that incorporates everything from vehicles, appliances, electronics, and software. It provides a way for these devices to connect and integrate with each other to improve many aspects of everyday life, and the number of devices joining this network is rapidly increasing year on year. The Internet of Things spans both domestic and commercial sectors and is changing the way the world does business.

Peregrine Lobb, CEO & Co Founder of IoT Stream, says: "Embedded sensors in the office environment have optimised air conditioning, lighting and security in building management systems. This has been both a cost saving measure and positive for the environment. I predict that humans will become more embedded with the machines that they work with, whether it is VR glasses or enhanced mechanical exo-suits. These innovations require accurate sensing of the environment to operate in. IoT will provide the key link between the physical and the digital worlds."

Take a look at some of the ways that the Internet of Things is changing workplaces now and for the future.


The way we travel is changing, and there is now a host of innovative ways to get around.These include unique apps that use the power of technology and integrated networks for 'ride sharing'. One example providing instant pickups is Uber, and their service is proving popular across the globe (especially in major cities) due to their affordable ride sharing options. They also have carpooling services, which connect others looking for a ride in the same area.  

Other companies such as Bird, Lime, and Spin are helping commuters make that last leg of their journey easier by electric scooter and bike hire. This simple app locates the nearest hub with available transportation, and you unlock and lock the scooter with the app.

Data collection

Businesses hold vast amounts of data and accessing this promptly and securely is essential in everyday trading. The cost of collecting and holding data can be substantial, and with the help of the Internet of Things, this can reduce these costs. The instruments used are more straightforward, and don’t require external power sources. Another benefit for companies includes the ability to have several measuring points, which is ideal for building management. Plus, you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to take advantage of this method of data collection.


With the modern customer base requiring instant delivery and real-time tracking of purchases, the Internet of Things is revolutionizing logistics. Companies are now able to track cars and trucks to increase efficiency, plus transmit instant adjustments to routes and destinations to improve delivery times and reduce costs. Telematics systems are often used to help companies reduce their overall business costs and reduce loss during transit.

Energy usage

Smart technology is changing the way people think and use energy. New modular and mobile controls are creating ways to program heating and air conditioning without the need to be in the same room. These handy innovations are saving organizations money on energy bills and incorporating smart ways to monitor temperature and energy usage.

Office essentials

Anything that makes the workplace a more productive environment for employees is beneficial for companies. Fortunately, the latest advancements in technology are incorporating the Internet of Things into everything from making coffee to sitting (or standing) at your desk. The interconnection between devices means that companies are innovating to bring significant changes to the workplace to speed up productivity and processes. That should mean no more time would be wasted waiting around the coffee machine when it can now brew for your arrival into work!


Security for business environments is always a top priority, and there have been several improvements in the monitoring and detection of breaches. The Internet of Things allows companies to monitor offices and workforces remotely and can also stream real-time footage direct to a smartphone.

What you wear

The emphasis of wearable technology is based on the empowerment of people and making everyday life easier. Popular devices include smart watches that integrate with smartphones and other devices to take calls.They also enable you to see your appointments and collaborate with others efficiently. Smart clothing is already making waves in the sportswear sector, but there is an impressive scope to introduce this into general clothing and workwear. An example includes the collaboration of Jacquard by Google and Levi’s. The sleeve of their trucker jacket incorporates IoT technology to streamline with a smartphone to swipe for information on calls and navigate apps.

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