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What does Metro E entail?

One of the technologies that is based on Ethernet standards is Metro E or Metro Ethernet. Here are some of the more important aspects of this technology.   

What is Metro Ethernet? 

As the term implies, a Metropolitan area network can also be known as a Metro Ethernet and it is:

  • used to help a group of subscribers, typically in a Metropolitan area, to connect to each other or to the Internet
  • delivered by quite a few leading telecom service providers
  • growing in its ability to encompass larger areas
  • extremely cost-effective and
  • highly flexible.

Flexibility of Metro Ethernet

One of the reasons why Metro Ethernet has become extremely popular these days is because it allows users or subscribers to enjoy a great deal of flexibility of bandwidth. Most service providers are able to add extra bandwidth within minutes or even hours when a subscriber demands the same. This is extremely useful when a business organization wants to expand quickly to meet unexpected demands. Instead of the usual timeframe of days or weeks, extra bandwidth can be added almost instantly.   Metro Ethernet also helps foster flexibility of network. This simply means that a user of Metro Ethernet can enjoy network configurations of:

  • point-to-point
  • point to multipoint or
  • multipoint to multipoint networks as well.

Cost effectiveness

Another reason why Metro Ethernet services are gaining traction in the market is because they are extremely cost-effective. It helps business organizations or users streamline and reduce costs because of:

  • lower equipment costs
  • incremental addition of bandwidth so users can add only as and when needed
  • lower operational and service costs and
  • inexpensive Ethernet interface as well.

Where is it used?

Typically, Metro Ethernet is used as a connection between local area networks of a business organization. It can also help individual users connect to the Internet or to a wide area network. Among its many users are:

  • government bodies
  • academic institutions
  • business organizations and even
  • hospitality establishments.

  Large cities indeed offer plenty of support services for Metro Ethernet and this is one of the reasons why this technology has gained a lot of market share in the recent past.  

Support for various applications

Metro Ethernet is also useful for delivering support for various kinds of applications including voice over Internet protocol and videoconferencing. Obviously, these are two technologies that have to be supported with extremely low latency. This is where Metro Ethernet can play a huge role as well. The scalability of this service, as mentioned before, can also come into play in case a business organization wants to set up videoconferencing within a short from of time.   

Metro Ethernet can also help support mission-critical applications and foster operational efficiencies. Communications networks can be extremely complex creatures and with Metro Ethernet a business organization can bring down this complexity and help integrate a larger number of business critical applications. 

Thus, with Metro Ethernet, a user can indeed enjoy flexible, available, reliable and robust connectivity to the Internet. This means that all communications will be taken care of and business disruption will no longer be a concern.

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