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Metro Ethernet Services

Ask any business organization or network subscriber about the kind of features they want from the network and the chances are pretty high that you will get the following as replies:

  • Ease of use,
  • Cost effectiveness,
  • Reliability,
  • Scalability and
  • A high degree of flexibility as well.

If there is one set of services that meets all these criteria and more, then it has to be the Metro Ethernet services. Here is getting to know it in some detail.  

Availability of range of providers

One of the biggest reasons why Metro Ethernet services have become popular is because the availability of large number of service providers. These service providers are making it possible to extend Metro Ethernet beyond the limits of Metropolitan areas. This simply means that you can enjoy Metro Ethernet in a wide area network as well.  

Why is it cost-effective?

Metro Ethernet services are said to be highly cost-effective and can go an extremely long way in helping to reduce both operational expenses and capital expenses. This is primarily because:

A network subscriber can add bandwidth as and when required. A subscriber does not have to invest in superfluous bandwidth because a service provider of Metro Ethernet will be extremely flexible when it comes to the addition of bandwidth.

Ethernet services, traditionally, do not require investment in expensive networking products and equipment.

The interface of Metro Ethernet is also inexpensive simply because it has found usage in quite a large number of networking products.

The work of Metro Ethernet Forum

Metro Ethernet Forum or MEF is the governing body when it comes to Metro Ethernet services. In September last year, MEF announced a pretty comprehensive vision for the future of worldwide networking. Consumption of Ethernet services, according to many studies, including the vision of MEF is going to be driven by:

  • Massive growth in data traffic,
  • growing adoption of cloud services,
  • necessity for on demand services and
  • requirement for agile networks.

In fact, according to the Metro Ethernet Forum, agile services will need to assure the delivery of real-time and on demand services keeping in mind the security and performance guarantees as well. Furthermore, this has to be done on a worldwide scale.  

Bandwidth issues

Metro Ethernet is known for its ability to allow its subscribers to enjoy only an ‘as needed’ amount of bandwidth. Considering the fact that subscribers can add bandwidth in a matter of few minutes or even a few hours, there is absolutely no denying the fact that the flexibility of Metro Ethernet services makes it extremely popular indeed. When the subscriber opts for managed Ethernet services, all he has to do is request for additional bandwidth; when needed; and it can be delivered without any need for investment in new equipment.  

Simplicity of functions

Another reason why Metro Ethernet services are so widely deployed is because they have the capability of providing connectivity to multiple devices and delivering simple OAM&P which is operations, administration, management and provisioning. Considering that Ethernet services are delivered over a standard network, it does allow a subscriber to enjoy simple, reliable and cost effective network services.

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