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How can hosted VoIP help a business organization?

One of the ways in which a business organization communicates with the rest of the world is through telephone lines. At one point of time, traditional phone systems consisting of multiple devices and a branch exchange or private branch exchange was the most advanced telephone system that any business organization could use. But today, there are many service providers of cutting-edge solutions which deliver:

  • Simpler management of your phone systems
  • More functionality
  • Better mobility
  • Support for a mobile staff
  • Streamlined communications

This is where hosted VoIP scores above almost every other telephone system there is. Here is how this solution can help a business organization.

Flexibility of ownership

With a hosted VoIP solution, a business organization can choose from a large number of telephones and either purchase or lease of the solution. Apart from that, a service provider will also be able to give you a vast range of solutions and features depending entirely on the business organization’s need. Some of the things that are open to choice are:

  • Calling and mobility features
  • Auto attendant
  • Call recording
  • Video calling
  • Shared services across multiple devices

So, what is hosted VoIP?

Very simply put, this is a form of hosted PBX or private branch exchange. But instead of having the PBX on your premises or location, you choose to go with the service provider who has the PBX in a remote or off-site location. So, even though telephones will reside in your location, the PBX will be somewhere else. One of the biggest benefits of such a system is the fact that it is extremely cost-effective. Most service providers do not have an installation or setup fee. Also, there is no need for a business organization to deploy personnel for the maintenance of the PBX. Benefits of VoIP include the fact that there are plenty of big names telecom service providers. Such big names means that a business organization can enjoy competitive prices and flexibility of services.

Flexibility of services

When it comes to hosted VoIP solutions, a provider will often be able to give you extremely flexible features and packs or plans. Therefore, you can choose from various kinds of features such as desktop call management and scalability. You can also choose full-fledged unified communications, depending entirely on your requirement. Broadly speaking, most service providers can deliver:

  • Lowest latency
  • 9% reliability
  • Carrier neutral facility
  • Access to cloud-based features such as cloud fax
  • Customized calling features which will include hunt, ring groups and so on
  • Business texting

How can it help your business organization?

One of the biggest ways in which hosted VoIP can help your business organization is to improve workforce productivity. For instance, instead of hiring people to look after your on-site PBX system, you can allow an expert to do the same and concentrate on your core business. You could also support an increasingly mobile workforce by allowing the hosted VoIP to support them in all their communication needs. Thus, there is absolutely no denying the fact that a hosted VoIP solution can make economic and business sense in the long run.

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