Metro E – some benefits

One of the ways that a business can connect to the Internet is Metro E. Metro Ethernet is nothing but:

  • A metropolitan area network which is
  • based on Ethernet standards and
  • is used by business organizations to connect all its offices and people working within the metropolitan area and
  • can be used to connect to the Internet as well.


There are plenty of benefits when one is talking about Metro E and here are a few of them.


Availability of big names

When it comes to Metro Ethernet services, all of the big telecom companies offer this product to their customers. This simply means more competition and better prices for the end user. Almost every day, you can read about some big telecom company coming up with another advancement to their Ethernet services and this can go a long way in enhancing your communication landscape.


Familiar technology

Metro Ethernet also relies on existing technology. Thus, a business organization does not have to revamp its IT landscape completely in order to avail Metro Ethernet connectivity. A business owner can simply use his existing router interface and use Metro Ethernet services.


Meeting challenges

Metro Ethernet also supports a business organization’s growth. This growth can mean the need for more bandwidth, handling more IT tasks with lower budgets and personnel and even need for high-speed data transmissions. Metro Ethernet can indeed take care of all this. Depending on the service provider that you have chosen, you can enjoy:

  • high-speed data transmission
  • support for applications such as video conferencing and voice over Internet protocol
  • flexible bandwidth
  • simplified network management and
  • integration with existing layer 3 virtual private network as well.


Choosing the right service provider

Considering the fact that there are so many providers when it comes to Metro Ethernet services, it behooves you to go through a broker like TelcoSolutions. Such websites will give you information on pricing, service level agreements and so on. For instance, you may be able to know whether a service provider can offer multipoint, point to multipoint or point-to-point network configurations. This can become important if you are functioning within the metropolitan area and you need a flexible network architecture.



Metro Ethernet can also be provisioned over a fiber optic cable. This adds to the flexibility of this solution. For instance, when Metro Ethernet is provisioned over a fiber-optic cable, a business organization can enjoy speeds that can go up to gigabit Ethernet or 10,000 megabits per second. At the lower end of the spectrum, such Metro Ethernet connectivity can deliver 10 megabits per second too.


Growing use of many applications

With increasingly sophisticated technology, businesses are also using many applications such as voice over Internet protocol and videoconferencing. Such applications require very specific latency and availability of network. Metro Ethernet can certainly support these applications as well. Of course, it is a good idea to talk to the service provider and see whether it can give you support for such modern applications.