T1 over Ethernet – What is this exactly?

When it comes to Internet access, every business organization or homeowner will look for technology that can deliver:

  • availability of network services
  • reliability of data transmission capabilities
  • speed of data transmission
  • cost effectiveness and
  • performance guarantees.


One technology that has stood the test of time and continues to deliver great results is T1 and one of the ways in which this can be delivered is T1 over Ethernet.


Cost effectiveness

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of going in for T1 over Ethernet is the fact that it can be delivered over low cost Ethernet networks. There are plenty of service providers in the marketplace today who promise delivery of T1 services and are able to meet the customer’s expectations on making it cost-effective.



It would be useful to look for service providers for T1 over Ethernet who have received certification. For instance the MEF provided Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification can go a long way in assuring you of the dependability of the services.


Some equipment

One of the important pieces of equipment when it comes to T1 over Ethernet could be the chassis. Most service providers and network companies do have their own products for the same or you can come to know of the same by accessing different websites on the Internet. Some of the operations that such equipment delivers include:

  • network visibility
  • better diagnostics
  • clock recovery processes end
  • clocking options which are flexible enough to take care of the different types of networks.


Probably one of the biggest challenges when it comes to the delivery of T1 services over Ethernet is the fact that there may be network delays which cannot be predicted. This is especially true when you are considering a multi hop packet network architecture. One of the challenges associated with such a network architecture is the ability to make synchronization and clock recovery that much easier.


Reporting and analytics

Knowing about the performance of the network is extremely important when you are talking about T1 over Ethernet. Most service providers do take into account the fact that the customer will need efficient service performance reporting and the ability to look at problems and analyze why it happened in the first place. Such powerful reporting and analytics can go a long way in helping make a network rather robust.

Thus, delivering T1 connectivity over Ethernet is indeed a useful technology for most business organizations today. There are plenty of service providers who deal in this domain and you can enjoy all the benefits of high-performance and availability with their support