Looking For The Best T1 Providers

Every business organization relies on technology to progress and enhance market share all over the world. Technology can bring in advantages such as:
• Ensuring business continuity
• Helping the business stay in touch with clients all over the world
• Maintaining communications links with all players in the business eco system, regardless of which part of the world they may be in and
• Cost effectiveness

Therefore, it makes great sense for any business organization to look for the best possible communications technology for itself. As far as internet connectivity and data transmission goes, many business organizations are turning to T1 service to enjoy a plethora of advantages.

What can T1 bring?
Perhaps the biggest game changer that a business organization can enjoy is scalability and flexibility and a T1 provider can bring in both these advantages. Most service providers take pride in being able to offer bandwidth on demand. This simply means that a business organization can “requisition” extra bandwidth capacity as and when his business is scaling up.

The flexibility factor comes into play with organizations being able to afford different services. For instance, some of the options that come into play when you opt for T1 service are:
• Full T1 lines
• Bonded T1 lines which can give you massive speeds of data transmission
• Pricing according to the availability and uptime you seek
• Service level agreements that spell out all terms and conditions.

Add ons
It is also important to check out whether your T1 service provider can deliver add on services. These add on services can be by way of:
• Monitoring the health of your network
• Priority handling of technical problems and customer support
• Email service
• Online fax and
• Even VPN or virtual private network services

Service level agreements
SLAs or service level agreements are something that you should pay close attention to. Most service providers of T1 connections will detail SLAs which will covers aspects such as:
• Uptime and
• Speeds.

Depending on the capability of the service provider and your own needs, you can get an SLA which has a 99.999% uptime. The prices of T1 depend on the kind of services you have opted for. Most often, service providers can deliver T1 connections ranging from $200 to $500 or so.

Thus, looking for the best service provider when it comes to T1 connections can enhance a business organization’s capability of augmenting its market share and competitiveness as well. Considering the above factors, any organization can indeed enjoy a massive communications capability.