T1 Internet Connection And Its Many Benefits

Ask any business organization owner about the kind of features that he or she wants from the technology that he uses for communications and you will most certainly hear the following words:
• Reliability
• Scalability
• Flexibility
• Cost effectiveness and
• Simplicity of installation and management and operation.

Perhaps the one technology that will meet all of the above criteria and then some more is T1 internet connection. While there are many ways to get accessibility and connectivity to the Internet, T1 has come to the forefront because of the many benefits that it can afford most businesses.

Every business organization craves competitiveness in a market that is increasingly difficult to rule and competition that is growing by leaps and bounds. With the help of a T1 line, a business can enjoy almost instant scalability and the support of a service provider who is capable of delivering required bandwidth and bundled services.

Availability of network services
Even as a business organization may invest in the best possible communications technology, network services and their availability is also an important factor. Therefore, using a T1 internet connection makes sense because most service providers are capable of:
• Delivering 99.999% uptime
• Service Level Agreements that are robust
• Optional add-on services of network monitoring and failover services and
• Better security options which can encompass firewall, protection against network intrusion and anti-virus measures.

Simplicity of installation
A T1 connection works with conventional fiber optic cables over copper cables. Both these types of cables are present almost in every building today. Even if the building does not have fiber optic connectivity, it will most certainly have copper pair connectivity because of the availability of telephone lines. A T1 Internet line can be established with the help of copper cables.

Normally, a T1 internet connection does tend to be on the more expensive side. This is because of the technology that goes into offering high levels of availability and reliability. Normally, T1 lines can cost anywhere from $180 to $500 every month. The consultants at TelcoSolutions help navigate through the infinite number of providers to help the business owner find the best solution(s) possible.