Updated: Windstream makes network restoration progress following Hurricane Sandy

Windstream (Nasdaq: WIN) on Wednesday reported that while Hurricane Sandy left thousands of  customers particularly in its New York City region without service, having  the right disaster recovery (DR) plans in place has enabled  the service provider more efficiently restore service.

Like other telcos, Windstream”s customers located in either New  Jersey or New York City area were the hardest hit by the storm.
In the  New York City area, the telco said it two of its switch sites were impacted, and  flooding is hampering its efforts to quickly resolve outage issues. Despite  these issues, the company said in a statement that “we are aggressively working  to restore service in the New York City area.”

On Friday, Windstream posted an update on its Hurricane  Sandy update site that it made “significant progress overnight getting its  New York City switches at 75 Broad St. back online, addint that it “expects the  switches to be fully operational by 10:30 a.m. ET.”

Meanwhile, in Newark, NJ, the telco said that its switch  is back on commercial power as various network facilities in Pennsylvania and  Ohio.

However, one of the customers, a technology  services provider, was able to aussie slots have the telco switch access to their critical  data in their Windstream”s Bethlehem, Pa. data center after they lost  power.

“We set up shop for them at Windstream”s  Bethlehem Data Center so that when they got there an hour later, we had them  ready to go,” wrote Kip Turco, Senior Vice President of Data Center Operations  at Windstream, in a blog post. “Their data, which they”d colocated with us, was  already available and they could access it and get back in business.”

Providing Continuity of Operations (COOP) and DR  services has been something that Windstream has been preparing for aggressively  in recent years. In addition to expanding its network footprint by purchasing  PAETEC, the telco has also made a number of key purchases of data center  providers including Hosted Solutions and introducing a Disaster  Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution.

Since making its purchase of Hosted Solutions and other  regional data center operators, the telco has been building out new facilities  in markets such as Little Rock, Boston, and Charlotte  and Raleigh, N.C.

Written by: Sean Buckley

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