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Copper Ethernet – how can it help?

One of the options that business organizations can choose is copper Ethernet when it comes to telecommunications services. Many a time, business organizations will take the decision based on factors such as:

  • Their location
  • Strength and span of the network
  • Availability of multiple service providers
  • Cost advantages and even
  • Simplicity of management of the telecom landscape.

It is worth considering Ethernet over copper in some detail.  

Increasing popularity

While there are plenty of options when it comes to connectivity, copper Ethernet has indeed become rather popular in recent times. Many business organizations choose a technology with an eye on the future and current economies as well; this is where copper Ethernet scores some pretty big points in comparison with many other technologies.  

How does it work?

Simply put, copper Ethernet is also known as Ethernet in the first mile and works on the basis of twisted copper telephone wires. Traditional copper wires are almost ubiquitous in their availability and this is one of the reasons why Ethernet over copper has become a very simple technology to deploy. It uses the same copper lines as most other transmission technologies. However, it offers the massive advantage of symmetrical upload and download speeds.

Most service providers will use on-site customer premises equipment and POTS or Plain Ordinary Telephone Service lines. Depending on your requirement, the service provider can offer speeds ranging anywhere from 2 megabits per second and going up to 45 megabits per second. Of course, the quality of connection will also differ with the distance between your office and the local phone company. The greater this distance, the slower the maximum speed.  

Specific benefits

One of the most important benefits offered by copper Ethernet is the fact that it is extremely affordable. It uses existing twisted telephone wires and it does not need sophisticated equipment. Therefore, it also results in a uniform connectivity experience for the customer. The one thing that you must take care of is location of your business organization from the telecom central office. Ethernet over copper has a bit of a limitation when it comes to distance.  

Availability of service providers

Most Ethernet over copper service providers will fall under the category of CLEC or competitive local exchange carriers or ILEC or incumbent local exchange carriers. There are plenty of big names when it comes to service providers of Ethernet over copper and it makes it easier for you to find one that:

  • Is competitively priced
  • Offers best in class customer and technical support
  • Gives you a lot of support in decision-making and
  • Can keep pace with changes in business requirements.

It is also extremely important for you to find out about the kind of technology that your service provider will use to deliver the Ethernet over copper connection. Ideally, it should only be true native Ethernet connection delivered over bonded pairs of copper wires.

With copper Ethernet, you can also enjoy extremely fast deployment. When compared to quite a few other technologies, this speed of deployment and all the other aspects mentioned make Ethernet over copper a robust, available and cost-effective option for Internet connectivity.

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