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Metro Ethernet - Business Benefits

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Most business organizations look for some specific aspects when it comes to the choice of technological solutions. The most important aspects are:

Cost effectiveness

Simplicity of management


Scalability and Reliability as well.

When it comes to telecommunications services, plenty of business organizations choose Metro Ethernet simply because it offers all the above advantages and then some more.


Simplicity of management

Leading Metro Ethernet service providers understand that a business organization will need to connect multiple locations without complicated conversion technologies. Therefore, by offering Ethernet simplicity, such service providers cater to the need to connect branches of a business organization in a seamless network. They are also able to offer support for other services including video over Internet protocol, VoIP or voice over Internet protocol and data transmission.


Cost savings

With an effective Metro Ethernet network in place, a business organization can indeed enjoy converged services. Such services also are delivered through a larger bandwidth value, especially when compared to older technologies such as frame relay. With such converged services, a business organization can integrate all communication needs into one technology. So, instead of being faced with a complex and convoluted communications landscape, it can simplify the same and enjoy massive cost effectiveness.



One of the biggest needs as far as a communication network is concerned is availability of the technology in various locations. Most leading Metro Ethernet service providers do deliver such availability. This simply means that you can stick with one service provider and connect up all your different locations and enjoy centralized management. Extensiveness of availability means that a network is redundant and reliable. Both of which are extremely important for a business organization to continue enjoying highly available telecommunications.



Every business organization will grow! When it is a question of new markets, new telecom needs, new partners in the business ecosystem and even new locations for the business itself, it needs to fall back on its Ethernet network to cover them all. A good and robust Ethernet connectivity solution will therefore promise scalability. As and when the business organization requires more connections and more network coverage, the service provider will be able to offer the same. Thus, scalable bandwidth should be available ‘on tap’ so to speak.


Speed of installation

Considering that speed can make or break a business organization, it does stand to logic that it should be able to enjoy extremely fast deployment of Metro Ethernet services as well. This is in fact one of the biggest business benefit offered by this Ethernet connection. A business organization may like to think about something known as ‘roof rights’ when it comes to Ethernet connectivity. Some service providers may base the installation time on this aspect as well.



SLA or service level agreement is another huge deal when it comes to Metro Ethernet services. It would detail the kind of availability of Ethernet connectivity for a business organization. Depending on the service provider chosen, a business organization can even enjoy up to 99.99% availability. It does translate directly into the reliability of the services and therefore can play a huge part in business continuity.

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