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Metro Ethernet – certifications and importance to business

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With almost any technology, it is rather important for a business owner to consider a few important aspects such as the following:

  • requirement of hardware
  • training and expertise in software
  • scalability so it will keep up with growth and
  • the various certifications that a service provider has.

When it comes to Ethernet, there is the Metro Ethernet Forum or MEF which has certifications, blueprints and guidelines that encompass the following:

  • carrier Ethernet services
  • telephone service providers
  • cable service providers
  • Internet service providers and so on.


How does Metro Ethernet certification work for your business?


If you are in the process of considering this Ethernet service for your business needs, then it would indeed be relevant for you to check whether the service provider concerned has certification from the MEF. Such certification may be given for specific technologies and services. So, if you are considering a particular service provider for a specific technology that it can deliver, then it would definitely be useful for you to check whether the service provider has certification in this area.


How can the Metro Ethernet Forum help?

Globally, this body has been accepted for its ability to deliver practical, technical and informational support to Carrier Ethernet. Therefore, all aspects of Ethernet services have been taken care of by various guidelines. Business owners can tap into their information resources and access knowledge on:

  • case studies
  • technical implementation
  • business benefits and even
  • presentations on the way Ethernet services can make a difference.


Challenges of new technology

If a business organization is considering Metro Ethernet for the very first time, it is going to come up against various technological challenges and business challenges as well. Even though there is plenty of information and expertise available in the industry and marketplace today, using something like the MEF can make a huge difference in a better understanding of network infrastructure. It can even help in choosing the right service provider. For instance, a business organization can certainly find out if a particular service provider is a MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional. This can go a long way in helping a business owner make the right decision.


Continued process

The Metro Ethernet Forum is also continuing to work on its certification processes such as the MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification. The near future will therefore bring a better understanding of which service provider has attained certification from this body. It can only mean more information for the business owner needs to find the right kind of Ethernet partner.

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