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Metro Ethernet – topology and other aspects

One technology that is based on Ethernet standards is Metro Ethernet. It is characterized by:

  • Availability in a Metropolitan area
  • Its capability of being used as a modem of connection to the public Internet
  • Ability to deliver high-performance levels
  • Its ability to support connectivity between corporate branches and
  • Its support for carrier class features.

It is worth looking into the topology or architecture of Metro Ethernet, especially if your business organization is seeking to deploy this technology to further better telecom connectivity.  

Topology of a Metropolitan area network

Typically, such a Metro Ethernet network will consist of:

  • Access devices that are situated on the premises of a customer
  • Distribution network which may consist of a DSL or even optical fiber
  • Various transport technologies and
  • MPLS to connect different networks together.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, a service provider will also use additional aspects and equipment or technologies such as:

  • Virtual private networks
  • MPLS based Metro Ethernet
  • Passive optical network and
  • Different management and resiliency configurations.

Support for growing needs

Most service providers of Metro Ethernet are certified by MEF or Metro Ethernet Forum. Depending on their portfolio of technologies and growth in the same, they will be able to provide their customers with support for:

  • Cloud connectivity
  • Rapid growth in bandwidth demands
  • Scalability and
  • High network resiliency.

Support for the requirement of rapid fail over rates demanded by service providers is extremely important when it comes to the equipment used in a Metro Ethernet architecture.  

Performance standards

It is undeniable that Metro Ethernet is becoming a rather viable and alternative transport infrastructure solution. One of the things that most business organizations will demand therefore is guaranteed services. In order to deliver a robust service level agreement and configuring the right service level specifications, the Metro Ethernet architecture will have to be uniquely designed and should be flexible. This aspect comes into play when it pertains to designing and assigning service level agreements that take into account factors such as the type of applications, the customer and his requirements and even the IP address of the customers.  

Usage of alternative technology

Quite a few service providers are also positioning Metro Ethernet architecture on the basis of fixed wireless technologies. This has led to the emergence of a new term – Metro Wireless. One of the biggest reasons why this new configuration is also pretty popular is because there are some locations where the local telephone companies do not have service. This provides the opportunity for Metro Ethernet carriers to expand their landscape of operations.  

The bigger picture

One of the biggest advantages of a well deployed Metro Ethernet topology is the fact that it can serve the bigger picture in terms of Internet connectivity and even economic development of under developed regions. This is especially applicable when the topology can help educational institutions, industrial zones and even providers of healthcare services to serve society at large.   Thus, Metro Ethernet, which is based on Ethernet standards and is governed by the MEF is indeed a very viable technology when it comes to telecommunications services."

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